Woman of Soul!!

Sugar Water Fesitival
Flowerty, Queen Latifah, Jill Scott, Eryka Badu
The Greek Theatre
Los Angeles, California
August 10th, 2005

The festival with some of the biggest names in true rhytham and soul. Flowerty, Queen Latifah, Jill Scott, and Eryka Badu. When i got wind of this event, i was kinda whatevers about attending. However when Ben said there was an afterparty for the concert that hes rolling to. I was like dude, i wanna soo be there. He had some thing with some chick he wanted to go with but she was being hella wack, so i was down to go. Like always. Im down for whatever!
Again rolled down to LA Weekly. Headed off to the Greek Theatre. This time we had to follow some list for parking. Before at the Black Eyed Peas, the parking attendants/valet people didnt know what was going so we had great parking. This time we went over to the actual parking lot where we were suppose to be. It wasnt too bad, at least it didnt cost 10 bucks and not stacked. If you never been to the Greek. General parking is on top of each other. So they just pack you in, and you pretty much cant leave after the show is done unless the people around you have left. It isnt too bad because most people rush out of the place anyways.
Got our tickets from this intern guy, an intern who was interning for promoters of the concert. Anywho, we went to go get something to grub on. Since Ben got my last time, i got him this time. Bought some water, chicken tenders with friends and a beer. Total?? 17 friggin bucks!! All i had to say was like are you kidding me? But whatever. Heres the funny thing. Me and Ben were thinking the same thing when we got up to the window. We asked if Stephanie was there, the chick said she was on the other side. Awww.. If you didnt read my Black Eyed Peas entry, Stephanie is the cute cute girl that helped us last time at that concert. I mean hella cute, like she didnt belong there.
Anywho, got up on our seats. Which were in section B. We were like what the heck. Hella wack seats to be hooked up with. Like we couldnt even really make out the singers faces. Its not a problem, but man did i feel the energy from the audience. Like its soo true, you know how they say when you watch a movie with mainly Black People. They cheer and yell out things, like high energy. All through this concert man it felt so fun and live and crazy. I loved it.
Flowetry was up first, it wasnt too bad. I thought Flowetry was only one chick but i guess it was a duo type thing. It wasnt too bad, i couldnt really get into it.
After their set, we hung out a little. There were two ladies in front of us overhear us talking about who was coming out next, since we recieved the set time and set and what not. After a little small talk, they told us they were kinda mad about their seats. They paid i think over 150 bucks for them and we were pretty far back. Well right in front of Section B. Ben and I were like, wow we shouldnt be bitching about our seats. We didnt even pay for them. Here we were like, we got so cheated when we got hooked up. But man, after hearing the prices, we shut up real quick.
Queen Latifah was up next. You havent heard much of her last album, the Dana Owens Album, however it did win a Grammy. I loved the her set, it was soulful, full of blues, she even did some of her old school hip hop songs. It was pretty cool, i like her version of “California Dream.” It was soo soulful, like it was nice! Something funny happened to mhy during her set though. All of a sudden during one of her songs, i smelled weed. Yes i know, everyshow i go too. Someone has to do it. Its really popular with outside venues especially the Greek. So i turn to Ben and was like i smell weed. I looked around, turned around and see a guy take a hit and he did the two finger offer. you know. Hold the joint between your fore finger and thumb and yeah. When he offered it to me, i see this tall security guard come over and i turned around so fast.
Queen Latifah’s set was awesome. He walked all over the crowded during one of her songs and shook people hands. After, we decided to take a walk around the place. Ran into Lennora which was a surprise and ALWAYS cool. She was with Holly from a radio station or something. Chattered a little, caught up between events and gave each other updates and such. She told us Monique was there last night at the concert. Tonight, Ice Cube was in the house and they thought Jermaine Dupri.
Going back to my seat, Ben makes a comment that theres your homeboy.. like jokingly and kinda condesending. But whats funny is that it was Chris Lane. I met him at the BET Awards and said whats up here and there. So i said whats up to him when he walked by, homie hug and asked whats up and such..
After a few mintues of talking, Jill Scott was up. She is amazing! A lot of things she was saying was like wow. Just about relationships and such. Made me think of someone, someone i “officially” ended with yesterday. It wasnt a good night to hear theses songs and things they had to say. One thing that was hitting me hard, “Sometimes in the best relationships, we do fuck it up.” Isnt that the truth?? There were other things, the songs Jill Scott was singing. Mostly about seriving your man, and such. I thought that was kinda nice, not sure if i believe it. but yeah.
Again, left after she was done. Ran into Vanessa. Told us about Snoop Dogg charity thing. She told us about the hospitality room. Dude, we were on the list. Well Ben was, and we went in. They had food! OMG they had food, i dropped 17 bucks when there was free food waiting. BLAH! They had this huge plate, i mean huge plate of Swedish meatballs, various cheese and crackers, some meats, and egg rolls. Pretty much fingerfoods, much deserved food. It was soo food in that friggin situation. We went outside downstairs to the OPEN bar. Man i just love open bars, but Eryka Badu already was on stage and they couldnt serve during it. We just pretty much lounged it out, and man i was so tired from the other night. I was going to pass out in the friggin so comtable couch. It was really nice! We didnt even bother to go back to our seats to see Eryka. We just hung outside and looked at the big screen. I noticed some dude from Nick Cannon’s Wild N Out show was chillin all pimped out.
The night was pretty much done there. We headed off to the afterparty. I love being in Hollywood at night, it calms me so… just driving, on my way to the Key Club.. to the Afterparty, i notice what either could be a tv or movie shoot at a hotel at a pool area. It had this floating ballon thing with a light inside which was used to light out the place. It was really cool to see. Down by the laugh factory, they had a red carpet with a backdrop for some animal thing. It was a benefit or whatever, but so much goes on in this city that no one can keep track all of. However im going to try!!!
Even in the best relationships, we do fuck it up -Jill Scott

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