Take me out to the ball game.. Gimme some cracker jacks and such..

Los Angeles Dodgers vs. New York Mets
Dodger Stadium
Los Angeles, California
August 13th, 2005
NY: 5 LA: 1

I am posting this thing up soo late, but im just gonan do a little commentary like i always do. Not much details. Watch, it will be like 100 paragraphs like my other posts.
I thinki went to sleep like at 4. Im not sure if i had a long night but to be honest i doubt it. Just most likely stayed up watching tv and listening to my iPod. I cant sleep with my iPod like i used to, well actually music in general because i have to pick and choose and yeah. Its hard to sleep. I get a call to go to the Dodger game like at the buttcrack of dawn. Not really, like 11ish. Still its friggin Saturday and i like my sleep. But if you know me, im down for whatever.. You call me and im not doing anything, ill go do it. Unless i dont like you, or something. Then yeah..
My friend told me i got only like 30 mins or an hour, i dont remember. Got ready, went up to Lugos house. He called Liz to go, im like whatevers. Liz, i had a crush in her in high school. Dont ask me why, guess she had something different. Then again, i had about 100 crushes, 200 hook ups, and 500 no comments.. hahaha. She was doing something, i dont know, eventually picked her up by 12? Game started at 1? The drive wasnt too bad. Drove through Chinatown and such. On the way over there, listen to Dane Cook new album and its hilarious!! Ill have it up to listen to soon, whenever i get around to it.
Got to the place.. First time at the staduim, and first time at a real baseball game. Ive been to the Rancho Cucamonga Quakes games, which are kinda lame. I m ean Trevor from O-Town worked as one of the dancers.. So thats good?? Maybe?? perhaps?? Had pretty decent seats. Lower section right under the other the seats above us hung over. So the sun was right which was good and it was still a good view. Section 42?
Highlights… Ive watched the Food Network and they have those ballpark food specials. So i was kinda excited. Too bad i am a broke mother.. SHUT YOUR MOUTH!! hahaha. Didnt have too much to spend. Just got the garlic fries and peanuts. 2 staples you gotta have. I mean you gotta have the dog and beer, but ive had the Dodger Dog at City Walk, and beer? Well im not big on drinking at all.
Celebrities in the house?? John Elway and Wilmer Valderamma. Wilmer was doing this dance taking off his clothes off. I was kinda pissed because i coulda chatting with him at the Gphoria Awards, and the next day at the Teen Choice Awards. I dont wanan talk about those events. HAHA.
Nothing really bothered me, well actually. This dude that sat next to me, who didnt have a ticket to sat there. I swear this dude smelled like ass. I couldnt even describe it. It was horrible. I thought it was me, but i took a shower and put on some Very Sexy from Victoria Secret. Like when he lean forward, i leaned back. Because i think the wind of coming to the left of me, so i wanted to get out of the line of smell. Everytime i moved forward he did, i was like ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? Anywho..
The game was pretty much fun even though i was dead tired, even though they were losing. 7th inning stretch, i guess you get up and stretch. I learn so much.. haha. Im sure there was other stuff but i totally dont remember anything!!
Think Blue.


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