Public events are LAME!!

Sugar Water Fesitival Afterparty
Hot Water Run and Jam Session
The Key Club
West Hollywood, California
August 10th, 2005

On my way to Sunset and West Hollywood. Dude like it took forever to find parking! Well parking on the streets because whats the point if we werent going to stay there for that long. The lines look pretty long, even for a guest list. After driving around for about 15 mins, back and forth, up and down Sunset Blvd. We decided to go into a parking structure right next to the Roxy. It wasnt too bad of a far walk. I couldnt believe it was like 3 or 4 years back i was here. Up and down Sunset hanging out like for the whole dang day!!
Got to the Key Club, looked on the list of names and we werent on it. Hit up the dude who was handling the tour and afterparty. Smitty, from what i recall. Ben calls him, however the reception was horrible. I noticed this dude on his phone too, pretty much talking on it after Ben talks and he was like 10 feet away. I decided to just yell his name and of course it was him. After a little small talk and what not. He got us our tickets to get on in. He walked us in. Oh.. Dude like i got this email from the Key Club that they were promoted this afterparty and it was 25 dollars to get in. Ben and I thought it was going to be a private thing but once i saw this, i knew it was gonna be really wack. What you going to do?? He walked us up to the door however they were locking down on camera phones. I was surprised but not really. Had to walk on back and put it away and yeah. There were two lines, one for people on the list and the other for whoever. And the whoever line totally was soo long.
After walking into the place, wow. Crowded much? This was soo packed, and it was ridiculous. I made my way down to the bathroom which is pretty nice. I mean bathrooms with all the stuff you can use and person to wipe your hands. I mean cmon. It pretty cool. Made our way back on up, still soo packed. To the point it was soo annoying. Bumping into people who think they are hip hollywood people, who paid 25 bucks to pay 10 bucks for drinks, and no dancing at all. Truly annoying.
I just decided to hang out next to the stairs because i wanted to be away from all the people. Like really.. SOO ANNOYING!! So just stood there and took up the sights. There wasnt really nothing to look at. I wanted to see what was going to go down. Rumor has it is that Eryka Badu was suppose to performed, and huge rumor Prince. I mean cmon, Prince! Thats sorta once in a life, you know?
As i said there and not doing anything. Friggin Chingy walks on up like he owns the place. All i gotta say is homeboy short. But i mean thats cool that he showed up and what not. After doing this junk for awhile and a security guard telling us to clear the door area. We made our way on up to the restuarant.
Nothing really was going on at all. Some music being played, and Bettie Paige on the monitor. It was really weird because her and someone else were putting on lingerie on each other. I was like uhhh what are we watching here, it was really softcore erotic and i kinda liked it. So just stood around staring at nothing. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!! There was a bar, just got some water. Guess they promote designated drivers and such. Really like nothing to see or observe at all. I mean the people, guess they were cool and such but it was whatevers. I mean we wanted to stay because if Prince was going to perform, i mean thats something to see.
Ben saw one of his friends and i was whatevers. Turned out it was Paul Rodriguez’s assistant, Morgan, who is pretty much his right hand man. Ben is friends with Paul, and goes out with him and such. While im just chillin sipping my water. Said whats up to Chris Lane who was rolling up again. Asked if i was going to the VIP room, he told me it was whatevers, so whats the point. We chatted a little bit more and he went off with his group. More and more chatting with Morgan. We wanted to leave and headed outside. It was pretty like 1-1:30ish. There is STILL a line to get in, wow are they going to be disappointed when they get in. Nothing is going on at all!! If you dont get into a club by 11, then dont even bother. Just go home. I mean i usually dont get to a club until 11:30. Anyways. Chatted some more. I totally forgot Morgan’s friend, i think its Wendy. She works for that “Set it, and Forget it” oven guy or his wife or something. I dont remember. Just chilled while the girls smoked. Right when we left, Eryka Badu showed up. Coming out of her Porsche Chayenne. It almost 2 o clock, then she shows up. I mean it was afterparty, she was hosting it. Doors opened at 11. Come on now!! Oh well. Shes a diva, and gots the right to do that. Dude i am so in love with the Chayenne, i would soo want to get one. If i was rich!! Anywhos, headed back to the LA Weekly, got my car. Just another night…
Afterparties SUCK if the public is invited. All about the private ones. Less crowded, better people, and yeah. Least we didnt have to pay 25 bucks to see NOTHING!


2 days in a row, a 3rd is going to kill me. Props to Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan. I dont know how they do it.

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