I Take it Back! Lets get Retarted!!

Black Eyed Peas
The Greek Theatre
Los Angeles, California
July 28, 2005

Finally i day has come. The Black Eyed Peas, i was looking forward to this for awhile. When i got the cd, “Monkey Business,” a few weeks before it came out, I bumped it like none other, and its such a great cd. “Elephunk” was a great cd also. Ever since Fergie got up into the Black Eyed Peas, they are a forced to be reckoned with. Tonight, at the Greek, it was the night for these super stars.
I love the Greek, it’s a wonderful venue. First times i was there, was for the Josh Groban concerts. It looks so big when you sit hella far away. But when you are upfront it looks so small. It looks much smaller when all the seats are filled. Well tonight i had Orchestra seats.
I got there a little past 7:30, i think, well from what i recall. I wanted to check out Fatty Koo. I wasn’t too sure what time they were on, but i wanted to see them and perhaps say what’s up to them, since i haven’t seen them since the BET Awards.
When i got in to the place, they were playing music, but it wasn’t live. I figured either i missed Fatty Koo or they weren’t on yet. who knows..
Me and Ben went to check out our seats which were pretty dang good. Then went off to walk around and get something to eat. I walked pass the photographers and i noticed a photographer who i see everywhere. I shook his hand and what ups and what not. I find out later from Ben that he’s a photographer for LA Weekly, Wild Don. He’s pretty tamed if you ask me. Good guy nonetheless.
Vanessa, who is promoting the show, went up to me and asked if i was Ben. I told her Ben, was the one next to me. Snoop Dogg is doing a benefit for his football league thing, and she told us Ice Cube was added to the bill. It’s going to be a pretty good bill.
Afterwards we got in line to get some food. So we went to get some food or whatever. We got up to the window and see this hella cute chick. Like wow cute, so cute its like, all i could think is that she doesn’t belong working at a food stand thingy serving rich snotty Los Angeles posers. She has a nice complexion and tall cutie body. Wow. Her name was Stephanie, haha. Got some water and fries and yeah. There wasn’t any ketchup there, and the lady came out with it and pumped my fry cup with it. All I could say after was, “uhh can I have some fries with my ketchup?”
Got back to our seats. The ushers are so strict with a ticket which is good but I had my hands full. The dude said he still have to see my ticket, so I made him hold my junk and got my ticket out. Talib Kweli was on stage, I haven’t heard a lot of his music even thought I have his latest album, “Beautiful Struggle.” I tried to enjoy it as much as I could. I was still waiting to see if Fatty Koo was coming out or not.
It was nice to attend a show and not worry about taking notes, notes I would use to review the show. Too bad that sure didn’t happen after Talib got off stage. I wanted to check on something. I went and talked to the girl who gave us our tickets. I wanted to see what happened to something. She told me what went down, and I thought it was really weird and kinda unprofessional for someone to do what they did. Whatever. I totally didn’t know it was Melissa, who i was talking to. I met her at a different venue. I didn’t notice it was her, but nonetheless, still a cutie. 🙂
Back to my seat, this dude is like sitting on top of his folded seat. It was totally annoying, i mean the concert didnt start yet but it was annoying. The man next to me told him to sit down, he wouldnt, being all rude, saying it hasnt started yet. It was like abreif conversation. I got annoying a little after, and he said he was sitting down. Dude this guy was really dense. I ALWAYS seem to be around characters no matter what event i attend. It never fails. The show started, everyone stood up. Whats funny is that this dude didnt even have the ticket to be sitting where he was. Some chick came and told him to move, then her date came and he got out. Which i was glad, but i never let up on that. I wanted an usher to check his ticket. Whatever…
Heres what they performed:
Hey Mama
Smells like funk.
Dum diddly.
That’s the joint
Dont Lie
Shut up
The apl song
Its a hoilday, labor day
Punp it
Where’s the love
My style.
Don’t phunk with my heart first single..
My humps
Lets get it retarded.
Fergie was dressed in capris and a gren track jacket. Pretty tamed to her usual outfits however im sure it was because the concert was outdoors. She seem to have a rally monkey attached to her belt. I couldnt really see it. Apl look like he was sporting a tradional Pilipino outfit. Wil.i.am was up in a usual vest, in this case blue vest and a tie. Taboo, he straight looked like he was preaching the very next day in his white get up.
They were doing minor covers all night. “Lean Back” from Fat Joe mixed into “Thats the Joint.” Amerie’s “1 Thing,” They all had their solos. They had breakers on stage during the break of “Its a Hoilday(Its Labor Day). THey also had a really long instrumental part introcuing the band and having their solos. Wow was that long. They kinda brought down the show a little, since it was right after a wardrobe change. Which only involved removing a few article of clothing.
Overall the concert was pretty tight. I couldnt believe i knew all the songs they performed, but then again i like their albums. I was kinda hoping Justin Timberlake would appear during “My Style” since hes on the track. However he didnt. Well what are you gonna do? It was a pretty cool show. Wished i had better pictures, but i didnt come to review the show, but i ended up doing it. Oh another tight thing, Wil.I.Am bust out a friggin 2 foot cell phone during, “Where is the Love” and tells the audience to wave there cell phones. I LOVE looking back.. its soo such a beautiful sight.
As the title says, i take it back. I take back the comment i made that Anger Management was the best show ive seen. This one, with all its energy was pretty rad. Tomorrow i have to drive down to Miramar to shoot Jessica Simpson and Willie Nelson at the Navel Base. Guess they doing a preview of Dukes of Hazzard and hanging with the families. I really hope i make this since its my first assignment with this photo agency. UPDATE: Didnt make it due to problems with my car. Nice huh? My first assignment and i blow it.
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I liked Fergies Hump, and Lump Lumps.. 😛

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