One of the best shows I’ve EVER been to.

Anger Management Tour III
Hyundai Pavilion at Glen Helen
Devore, California
July 23, 2005

The biggest bill of artists i all wanted to see. You cant really beat Lil Jon, 50 cent, and Eminem.
One my way there, wow people were driving mad! This Expedition slammed there brakes behind me. You can see the people int he car tripping out and i was like uhhh.. i hope they friggin stop and what not. Man, it was really crazy getting there.
I got there around 7:30. Which was pretty much late. Again no one there knew anything. Why? Asked people where press parking was and i got led everywhere. Im just glad they got me into the VIP lot right next to the tour buses.
The music was already bumping, i figured someone was already up on stage and i was mixing on some artists. Got to my seat, Orchestra 3 Row Y. It was pretty damn close, compared to the the lodge and lawn.
Ok, so Lil Jon is hella tight. There were these two chicks in the row in the front of me. Wow, kinda trashy but not really. I mean the cute chick, ok the cuter of the two had her crack just hanging out all over the place. She so wasnt wearing underwear and she had a skirt on. THE HOOCHIES ARE OUT TONIGHT!!! Her friend was getting low!! i mean like her butt was touching the floor!! I was like daaannnngggg.. that can be very very good skill to umm… ok ok.. off track. Back to Lil Jon..
They performed pretty much any song you can imagine. “Get Low” “Saltshaker” “Wait” It was pretty off the hook. Ill link you to my article at the end with the details of the show in cliff note form. I am already late on this entry and way too lazy to get into full details.
After Lil Jon was done, i walked around and looked for my homie. I knew he was in the Orchestra section just dont know where. I called his photographer’s number which was hard to dial through. Greg, the photographer, i got a hold of him. He proceeded to tell me he got kicked out of the venue. I was like what the fudge. He gave me little details that he couldnt shoot 400 feet away, and this and that. Wow that sucked. He came with my homie, so i wonder what he was going to do.
I walked by the photographer section. Which was hella far. It was where the box seats meet the aisle then the lodge. Saw the homie Fernando from the New York Post. I swear i see this dude everywhere! Small talked and brought up Greg, and she just shook his head and said he got booted!
I finally found my homie, he was dead center Row N? Like 12 rows back. I just chilled there since there were seats opened. It was a perfect view of the stage.
50 Cent was up next. Jumped out of the friggin stop of the stage and got in to “What Up Gangsta.” The whole G-Unit was in the house, Young Buck, Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo, Olivia, and Mobb Deep. Yes, i said it Mobb Deep. They have joined G-Unit, i thought it was sooo random because i remember back in high school. They were pretty hot with their tracks.

Other songs performed:
Magic stick…
Candy shop..
Just a little bit..
Disco inferno..
Get it twisted…
Hate it or Love it…
In da club..
I wanna get to know you…
21 questions…
Surprised 50 Cent didnt say anything about The Game. Cause you know Game would be talking mad mad head at his shows. He always does!
Their set was pretty long, even though they didnt really do the full songs. However it was still tight to see 50 Cent perform.
Eminem, up next.. The intermission was so long, i think it was over 30 mins. I noticed Gene and Burny was like in the first row. Last time i saw them was at a wack club Ivy in Riverside. They were bartenders. Burny, wow.. I think she got a booby job or something. But heres the think her boobs are like a big C, shes like 4′ 11″ and most likely weight around 100 pds. Yeah, paint you a picture? and shs a white washed Latina with a big booty. HAHA.. Anyways.. i walked up to say whats up but this security guard was hella being rude. He thought he was all tight being a rented security guard and crap. I was like whatevers..
Finally Eminem got up. His stage was very interesting. Kinda hard to describe. Just a wall of doors 3×3. It was just pretty tight.. Between the spaces of the doors were video screens, and in the middle the doors were replaced with video screens. He had two “E” light fixture thingys hovering over.
Proof helped him out on “Mosh.” He had a dude walking around in a suit with a mask of George W. Bush. Pretty much mocking him.
“Business…” “Rain Man”
He mooned the crowed after he was talking about the Tabloids. He stated one of them said the moon was going to explode, and which i guess it did when he showed his bare ass to the crowd.
“Ass like that”. The DJ was controlling Eminem’s Crank Yankers puppet..
He did a skit about Mariah Carey, if yall didnt know. He has some history with her. A toilet rolled out of one of the doors and he started to “Vomit” and that went into the song “Puke”
“Like toy soldiers.”
Wow there were cute chicks like everywhere. But they werent there the whole time, you can tell people were just bouncing around. There was this mom who had these huge.. yeah… I took it she brought her daughter and boyfriend and all i can say is that i am surprised they were getting it on right then and there.
After giving the audience a hip hop lesson. Which included old school songs, “Ladidadi we like to party” “Say he’s just a friend”..
“G thang.” then went into his first commercial single, “My name is…”
Em posse, D-12 came out. Performing “How come” They were missing the biggest guy from the group who is pretty hilarious, Bizzare. He was backstage and told Eminem and the rest of the guys from D-12 to get off stage before he got on. He performed “Rockstar” in Yellow coat and hat that looks like fruit on it… It was pretty funny..

“40 oz” with all the guys… then into “My Band”, at the break down…. Curtain of light fireworks.. Boy band dancing….
Intermission type with Stat Quo and Obie Trice…
“Stan”… Lighter, cell phones… Lit up the pavilion. I just love being in the front and when they have a slow song people wave their cell phones, you look back and its amazing. I just love lights, its just weird. Im surprised i didnt rave more and did Extasy. Totally off subject sorta..
“The Way I Am” with Middle finger balloons two waving in the center of the stage.
“Patiently Waiting” with 50 cent.
Obie trice…. “Got some teetf”
Stat quo performed and brought out Nate Dogg….
“Cleaning out my Closet”..
“Mocking bird”..
Apoligize to Michael Jackson…skit throwing baby dolls around with circus music….
“Just lose it”..
“Lose Yourself”… was the encore. Before he got into it, throughout the show, he had video of him in his dressing room, looking like he was comtempting suicide. He had a gun and everything, however when he decide to shoot, it was a gag gun.
I got out of the place pretty quick. I say less than 10 mins, my homie took like an hour. Dude that hella sucked… The show was pretty good. I like it. Of course there were songs i wanted Eminem to perform. However im sure he did at the other Anger Management Tours.
I would have been tight if Dr. Dre came out, that would have been hella tight, or even Snoop Dogg.
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