Cinema: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

I came to watch this movie with much resistance. I wanted to keep the old movie in my mind and not have it replace. Trust me of all people, i love the remakes. Starsky and Hutch, and other movies i cant think of. I just thought you couldnt made the original version any better. You just cant. Time Burton state and not verbatim, ” Some people hold in high regard the original movie, im not one of those people.” That is the very reason why he decided to make a remake, and of course with his favorite actor, Johnny Depp.
As i watch the movie, wishing i was watching Wedding Crashers. I was craving for chocolate. Not to spoil, however the opening of the movie is Wonka’s factory producing CGI bars of candy, showing the manufacturing of the chocolate bars with the golden tickets. Even though the candy was fake, man that made me want a cadbury bar, or a Hersey car or something. an, o man, all through the movie i wanted chocolate so bad.
The movie gave a little back story on the history of the factory. I am not too sure if this was covered in the book or the last movie. Saying how he closed his factory down due to spys giving up secrets and what not. I found that pretty cool. The movie actually gave background to the factory, Wonka’s life, and a little story afterwards when Charlie wins the factory. A little emotional story and what not.
Burton made out the factory to be this huge thing in this little small city compared to Charlie s family’s house. The dynamic of Charlie’s grandparents on both side was remeniace of the original. The relationship between the main grandfather and Charlie was sweet. You can clearly see the impoverish situation of the family with the daily meals of cabbage soup.
Again, this movie seem to set out explanations more than anything else in reflection of the prior movie. The status of the fathers job, which was a toothpaste top screwer. In other words, someone who screws on the top to toothpaste containers.
One thing that was truly missing and is so timely, was the music from the first. I guess you just cant include that into a remake. However the “Candy Man” and Oompa Loompa chants. The only music were songs that came about after a member of the visitors of the factory were axed. Which were pretty much were the same as the original. The visitors being axed that is. Well the memorable processes. They added the a few new ones, well replaced them that is. One where the smart kid is shrunk due to Wonka’s invention of transmitting chocolate bars into television. Another, the spoil girl tried to take a worker squirrel. Both her and the day was pushed into the huge garbage chute. I will have to say that the Oompa Loompa ssongs after, was kinda annoying.
Speaking of the songs afterwards. As i watch the Oompa Loompa. I couldnt help but be dumbfounded. The actor who played them looked familiar. Just one week prior i was at a party he attended. I worked the red carpet and he showed up with Jose Canseco. i didnt think anything of it, i just thought he was part of his entourage or something. However, his name, Deep Roy he was all the Oompa Loompa.
Also, the movie gave the background on the Oompa Loompa, and why Wonka even had them working for him, which was nice.
I kinda miss the fruit flavored wall, and the soda pop that got Charlie and his grandfather floating. Those moments in the original stuck out in my mind.
Johnny Depp protroyal of Willy Wonka was kinda weird to say at the least. With his nervous smiles and laughes. Then his weird flashbacks to his childhood where his father, played by Christopher Lee, which was a dentist, pretty much tormented him about sweets and what not. During his childhood flashback, he had this gotty contraption for his teeth. like this headgear type thing.
Over all, i ended up liking this movie. I mean like i said prior, i do like remakes. I just wanted to not like this one. Even without an open mind, i indeed liked the movie. The only problem was the annoying music from the Oompa Loompa and i still having had that chocolate bar i was craving…. 🙂
Who can take a sunrise,
Sprinkle it with dew?
Cover it in chocolate and a miracle or two?
The candy man
The candy man can
The candy man can, cause he mixes it with love
And makes the world taste good

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