Call me Seth Cohen from The O.C., im heading to Comic-Con.

San Diego International Comic-Con
San Diego Convention Center
July 15 – July 16, 2005

Friday July 15th

Once again, July has come around the corner and Comic-Con is back. I have been going for the last 2 years, and since i get free access. Its an excuse to be in beautiful weather and get away from Rancho.
I friggin wake up around 6:30, pretty much made my friend drive. Why? He has a convertible, and it would be hella cool to have a road trip with the top down. I am in love with convertibles.
Of course he lagged it, im sick of that junk. Headed off to Diego around 8, well a little before it. The drive was pretty nice, nothing too special. Nothing too special until we see a motorcycle and BMW sped on by. My homie turns on his turbo and we are off. We were going so fast, weaving through traffic like it was nothing. The car didnt seem like it was going that fast. I soon later find out we were going around 140. After doing this for about 5 mins, my homie turns off an exit and the turbo. The car seems to be tripper out.

Lets just say the car was pretty much done for. The engine smoked out of the exhaust. Looked like oil was leaking out of the air intake. Checked the oil levels and looked like nothing. Dont want to get much into it, lets say we got towed home. Towed about 65 miles. I mean dude we were sooo close i didnt want to go back home! Jeff our tow guy, giving us stories all the ride home. I like took a nap but was still conscious, hearing the dude talk and talk and talk.
Got pretty much home around 12:30. Kinda pissed cause i had my Friday planned, now i gotta figure out what i am going to do. Pretty much, i didnt do anything! Left my phone in the car, so i didnt have numbers to hit up to see if someone wanted to do something, or called. Lets just say my Friday was boring as heck!!!

Saturday July 16
Head down to Diego again early in the morning. I dont think i left until like 8ish because again people lag. It was a good hour and a half drive. I mean it was surprisingly quick. Then again ive drove across country in 2 days. So 2 hours isnt going to kill me.
Got there a little before 10. The convention center started it things up at 10 and what not. Drove around looking for parking which totally sucked, however good thing we came across a parking complex that just opened. It was close and only 10 bucks.
I wanted to hit up the Hilton for breakfast since thats what ive done for the last 2 years. However the person i was wish didnt want to, and blah.
Picked up my press badge, looked at the schedule and tried to plan out my day. Noticed there was LOST panel thingy and headed over there. Walked into the huge ballroom that holds around 4000 people. Went up to the front to see if they had open seats in the reserved press seating. Guess what? They didnt even have shit for it. The past two years they did and this time they didnt. More about my gripes about this Comic Con coming later.
I just stood in the aisle way, looked like they were playing an episode of a new show coming this fall, INVASION. I wonder what the show is about.. hmm… After the episode, the little girl and creators. Wasnt very much of an interesting panel.

Afterwards, they showed a montouge of LOST things. Deleted scenes and what not. Maggie Grace and Josh Halloway were the cast that appeared on the panel, alongside creators and producers. This is where security was stepped up and was annoying. They didnt like photographers shoot any pictures close to the stage or any good angles. I was running around left and right trying to get a good shot. Some old lady was trying to get up on me saying i took enough pictures. I didnt even listen to her and took a couple steps away from her and took more. She had the nerve to put her hand on me. I then proceeded just to walk away from her and shoot.
The panel was cool i suppose. There of course had to be someone who was an aspiring actor trying to get his shot by asking a question. So lame. No other things really stood out of my mind. Questions werent provoking, or even answers revealed. Just makes me cant wait for the second season to begin!!

Headed off to the floor to see if anything was interesting going on. The usual floor of comic books, cult stuff and trekkies and storm troopers. It was way way too crowded this year and i totally hated it. Walked the floor up and down to see if there was anything to buy. Im not really into much of the stuff. I had this phase of comic books, but its pretty much gone.

Got lunch, of course the prices were insane.. Went back to the ballroom and saw it was the Stargate panel. I thought it was going to be over and the Kevin Smith one was coming up. After sitting there for like 20 mins. I looked over the schedule, wrong friggin room. Rushed over to Hall C.
Tried to get some sort of entrance to the place. Again no press entrance. We had to wait in line. It was soo stupid. I swear they changed who was in charged and no one did crap. Waited in line.
Got in, the place was packed and man there was soooo many people. This place held more than 4000 people. Walked to the front, took my pictures. Again security didnt know crap. Oh took pictures of Kevin Smith. I say on of the greatest speakers. Really funny and tells stories that are soo intriguing. Watch An Evening With Kevin Smith. Its been playing on Starz lately. He wore a suit this time which is odd, since usually he wears a sweat jacket and shorts.
Dont remember much of the discussion. I know it was funny. He is involved Degrassi, which i didnt even know. Ive never seen an episode, but he made it funny. He guest directed, he also has a few episodes out called Jay and Silent Bob do Degrassi. I am soo going to check that out.
After that was done, it was about 2. I was dead tired with no energy. So i decided to leave. I was going to missed Universal movie of Serenity, The Fog, King Kong and such, but whatever.
Hit up Nicole to see if she wanted to chill, she had to go call her boyfriend. Blah blah.. Its all good.
Headed home, dude i was like falling asleep on the way home. But i made it. Had Jesse party to head to.

Let me give you the cliff note version. Party was ok, Danni is a crazy drinker and hot dancer. Casey was suppose to come but her butt was on lock down. Chilled with the homies. Really bored half the time. Sean was jocking Danni, was being too annoying and rough. I was pretty much bored hanging with the frat people. Left at 1:00. Done! I was sooo antisocial at this friggin kickback. Thats why i dont party in Rancho, usually boring and high school reunions, which it was. Not like the other parties we’ve had. Thats for sure. Those ones gone down in history….
Comic-Con totally sucked this year. Hope next year is better. It was nice to be in Diego again.


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