Its a Small World after all!!! its a Small small world….!!

Disney Vintage 50th Anniversary Collection Launch
Fred Segal Santa Monica
July 13th, 2005

I didn’t know much of this event, I was invited to cover it and there was three reasons I RSVPed to it. 1. Lots of celebrities were gonna be there. 2. It was at Fred Segal in Santa Monica and vie never been there. 3. It was a party with friggin celebrities! Yes, I know I am a celebrity whore.
I invite Casey to come since she wasn’t doing anything and vie been trying to hang with her for the longest time. Finally she comes with and I was like, YES! I got a carpool dummy. HAHA jk.. She had all these questions about what was going to go on, and I was like all you have to worry is what you are wearing and if you can come. I would handle the rest and introduce you to my world.
Of course I had a suggestion what she had to wear. Of course I initially said skirt but I was in the mood for capris. I friggin love capris on a chick. I think it’s so much hotter than a skirt. Capris, jeans folded up, or pants folded up. Its sooo hot!!! Of course with capris, you got to wear some heels.
Got ready and headed over to her casa. We had to make a stop at the mall since I was expect lots of celebrities. I might need another memory card to shoot them all. I need to be prepared, plus also Casey wanted a shake. I figured to kill two birds with one stone.
After picking her up, we headed over to the Victoria Gardens. I walked her into Johnny Rockets and rushed over to Ritz Camera to pick up another gig of memory. I was there before someone, but as always I was nice and let someone go ahead of me. This guy had questions left and right, I stood there for 10 minutes pacing around. I was so close to just walking out of there. It was getting close to 6:00. Luckily someone else came out of the back and I asked what cards they had, and settled. Paid for it and rushed back to the Rockets.
Went in and hung for a little bit. Danni was there working and what not. She is such a friggin sweetheart. Danni might be my Black Eyed Peas buddy on the 28th at the Greek, if I get approved to cover the show. I haven’t seen BEP perform for almost a year. Fatty Koo is going to be opening for them and I wanna say what’s up to Eddie B, Josh and the ladies!
Headed on over to Santa Monica. Don’t remember the conversation over there. Don’t get me wrong, i’m sure it was totally stimulating and interesting, I just don’t remember. I do remember I got lost cause Google Maps directions suck. I had to hope on my phone and use Mapquest. Not an impression I wanted to give on our first outing.
Eventually I was on the 10 West, backtracked going east and back on the 10 West to the 101 North to the 110 South back to the friggin 10 West. My gut knew I should have stayed on the 10 in the first place, but I did it to be sure. Good thing Casey was sleeping anyways. 🙂
Finally got on the right way. Check in was at 7:30, about 20 minutes late. Arrivals weren’t until 8 so it wasn’t too bad. We drove around for like 15 mins trying to find parking, going in circles. There was a so called designated Press parking lot. So didn’t see it anywhere! Ended up parking at some valet lot, which cost around 5 bucks. I kind of found a parking lot like right next to where we had to be, but it was one hour and a cop drove by. I asked him if it was ok, but he was like the owners can still call and get you towed. So gay!
Walked on over to Fred Segal. Saw the whole red carpet; well it was actually Yellow carpet with the photo backdrop. There were photographers already there, and I saw table that I thought I was going to check in. However it was weird, all they did was tell me to stand somewhere and gave me my credentials. They didn’t check id or who I was with or anything. Kind of sloppy if you ask me.
I had Casey stand next to me while I took the photos… Melissa Rivers, Jenna from Survivor, Steven from Real World Las Vegas, Christy Carlton Romano, Randy Jackson, Hoobastank and many others..
Every so often I would look at Casey to see if she was having fun or enjoying herself or not. Honestly, she looked so bored! I was feeling so bad; here I am kind of enjoying myself talking to the celebrities. I love saying hi to them. It’s great… There she is looking hella cute, and with a bored bored look.
Eventually the carpet kind of got dead. Many of the photographers rushed out of there quick. Of course the publicists were all like, people are still coming. The Espy awards just finished blah blah. I mean why would Hilary Duff show up if she has a concert at the same time in Orange County? Why would Vince Vaughn show up, if has due to be in New York for TRL the next day? It totally didn’t make sense, and the publicity was so poorly executed.
Me and Casey stuck around for a little, when another photographer came out and talked to another photographer next to me. Of course I ease dropped, and I heard something about, I can lead you in. I looked at Casey and said, in 2 seconds i’m going to ask to go with. Which I did, and he was fine with it. While rushing to the entrance, we all introduce ourselves to one another. Walked passed the security and we were in!! I was like, hers my chance to cheer up Casey since she seem soo bored and I felt soo bad.
Got led in, of course me and Casey made a rush to the bar. I needed to loosen up, and the night from what I observed was kind of bad. As our way to the bar, we pass by the guys from Hoobastank, Randy Jackson, people we saw from the carpet. We were rubbing elbows with them. We had a drink, which I think was The Hook? They had drinks that were in common with Disney. Apple Poison Martini, The Cosmo-Minnie-ton or something like that. It was soo random. But the drinks were good. They had veggie sticks, fruit cups, popcorn. It was like a mini Disney-land carnival. The best thing they were serving besides the alcohol was the chocolate covered strawberries. These berries were huge and it had the white and regular chocolate tuxedos.
We totally over looked a room, and it looked pretty happening. Got in there and it seemed to have some fun fun stuff. Towards the left was Minnie taking pictures with people, and towards the left was what looked like a beading station. In between were guys holding Mickey eared balloons. Joseph Reitman just finished taking a picture with Minnie; I wanted to check out his picture so I did. If you don’t know who he is, he is Shannon Elizabeth’s ex-husband. Her last husband. Waited a couple minutes to check the photo, which turned out cute.
Casey and I wanted to take a picture, however we didn’t have a booklet which allowed us to take the picture. Went over to get another drink and found some booklets. SCORE!! Went back with our Apple Poison Martini, waited in line. Got our picture with Minnie Mouse!!
They had a Disney Caricature drawing station next to the bar. It looked so pack; there was a list of names and Disney Characters on a drawing board. I would’ve wanted them to draw me a tight Disney character; however we just saved time and got drawings he already did during the day. Casey picked Pluto, and I went with Mickey, and then proceeded to go outside to get some air.
Walk by Doug from Hoobastank, Andy Milonakis, and others. Just another day in my life. Found a spot to enjoy our drinks, get air, and take in the vibe. Rob, the guy that walked us in came and said what’s up. We chatted a few, talked about some war stories, the night among other things. My goal whenever I do an event is to meet something new and gain a contact. Which I did, and he’s a great contact! Met and pretty much knows David Fosters wife. I really enjoyed talking to Rob, got his info, to hit him up about other events.
The night ended fairly quickly, party was pretty much done by 11. Most of the people, who walked the carpet, came and then left. Got another drink and decided to take some balloons. We both had like 5 plus, of the colors. I told Casey we should take pictures on the carpet, so she can load it up to her Myspace. OH! Before we decided to do this, we had a little conversation with Andy Milonakis. This dude is soo totally random! Jimmy Kimmel discovered him, put him on his show a couple times and now he has his own show on MTV on the Sunday Stew. Hella lucky dude, talked to him about the show and other things. He was hitting up a poker game near by; I wanted to check it out, however the ends aren’t rolling in.
Anywho, rolled out to the carpet, wasn’t too sure if the backdrop and floor lights were still out. They were, so got Casey up on the carpet. We had to put our balloons somewhere because I can’t shoot with one hand especially with my long lens on it. The dude that were working the event, like the pretty boys who get hired to look pretty and to pretty much be whoever bitch were still out there. They got into the pictures and what not. During shooting the pictures, the balloons flew away. I tired them to the rail, but I guess not tight enough. Chatted with them a few, good ol boys from USC. Of course they had to be frat boys from Alpha Ki. Got me another somewhat contact to party it off at USC. Gotta love it!
Took them pictures of Casey, went back into the party to get more balloons and another drink. We had the last drink of the night! Red Bull and Vodka aka Crunk Juice. I’m not a big fan of Red Bull, so she had it. Got our balloons, and left. At the end of the night I think I had like 4 drinks and she had like 5. These drinks weren’t weak, trust me. I had a minor minor buzz, while she was full on buzz.
Got back to my car, I was kind of freaking out because I didn’t know what time the valet closed. Here we are walking with a fist full of balloons, balloons with Mickey ears. Of course, the last car. Good thing they didn’t close until 11:30. Tipped the dude and put our balloons away, and headed off home.
This is where Casey jumps on the phone and chats away. Listening to her, she is soo friggin like fun, its ridiculous. Hella spontaneous. Her conversations are sooo random! But I mean unno, it’s hard to explain. All I can say? I hella like it a lot. Bad thing, I haven’t had my wild side out in soo long. I’ve been a little too serious, and it totally sucks! I want to see how this panes out, but if I can predict things. I’m gonna be having loads of friggin fun, and the old Anh will be back!! I’ve notice I been a little too serious and not as easy going as I used to be. I need something or someone to friggin get me back to the crazy Anh.
Casey has a horrible obsession with the Branding Iron. Like its bad, I mean I LOVE to dance to, but I wouldn’t do it more than 10 mins from LA. The vibe in LA is much better than the one in the Inland Empire. People have nothing else better to do and they go dance there. A handful of people think they are hard because they go there all the time, and it’s quite annoying. Also, it’s a friggin reunion half of the time.
As we drive back, I was contemplating if I wanted to go. I mean I had this minor buzz, and wanted to dance it off. Casey is a friggin dancer, that is always hot. One of my weaknesses, a dancer. I hella wanted to check her out, so I was like fawk it, lets go. On our way there, we had to make a pit stop for Casey. I thought it was kind of funny. She told me a story, a hella deep personal story. This kind of story you kind of shouldn’t tell anyone. Especially one a first date type deal, but if you know me, I am down for whatever and I don’t really judge much. So she tells me, it was pretty interesting. I think I am one of two people that know. I was trying to think about something deep to tell her to be even. However nothing popped into my head.
Headed off to the BI as it’s commonly known. There was a huge line, we both said screw it, but she had a friend who was in the parking lot, and she wanted to say hi to him. I was whatever’s, dropped her off and parked. Let her do her thing, while I plan what else I was going to do. As I observed over there, I see 2 white dudes, and I think ehh typical white guys who think they are hard. Ill just stay away and not try to start anything. After like 10 minutes she came back and I drive off. While I was drive, some dude went up to the car, Casey screams out Tim, I friggin look and I was like what the heck? I know this guy. I put the car and park, look at him and he runs to my side of the car and I jump out. I was like what the hell, what’s up man!! Gave him a hug and was like wow… Then I see the white guys. One of them is mother effin Alex Martin, and another guy is Isaac Mesa. There was one random dude, Brad something. I was like are you kidding me?? In my head, I was thinking 2 things, nice I look cool in front of Casey, and second? This is why I don’t go out in Rancho. HAHA
We said what’s up and what not. Blah blah. The small talk. First thing I ask Isaac, dude where’s your sister? HAHA. Lisa Mesa, one of the sweetest and hottest girls I know. I gain touch with her, and then lose it, and so on. At this point, I haven’t had contact with her for months. Tim, has a gay twin brother who goes to school with my older brother. Kind of how I met them. I don’t recall how I meet people. After some small talk, and a surprised Casey. They were doing a Del Taco run at University near Cal State San Bernardino. I was whatever with it, I left it up to Casey if she wanted to go. Before I head off, Tim ask, was that you on MTV? Of course I give the, what the heck are you talking about line, and admit I was. I can’t believe people remember that though, it’s been like 2 years.
Headed over to Del Taco, hung and chatted. They got some food, I didn’t get any cause it was late and dude i’m a broke Asian. I don’t know how, but Alex and Tim went into like sexual situations and the names. Honestly, they are pretty sick and kind of demeaning to woman. Don’t get me wrong, i’m not some woman activist, but some of these names and situations are really raunchy and down right disgusting. But here I am taking it in, prior to this Tim tells me to do something or more of what I should be doing. I kind of laughed it off, i’m not going to say what it is, but it’s already crossed my mind.
We did this for about 30 mins, and headed off home. I say I dropped her off around 2:30, maybe even before. Right when I leave the street I get an IM from Emeline. I was kind of surprised? Because it’s kind of funny, I think I got angry about something. So I kind of thought it was funny she would IM Me. This is the second time she IM’d me when i’m a little peeved with her. Either she doesn’t know I am, or does know, but doesn’t care? Either way I guess I don’t care due to the fact that I can’t stay mad and it’s been kind of a surprise lately, but most definitely a welcome one. Still kind of funny she IM’s me like not even 1 minute passed after dropping off Casey. She always has impeccable timing. 🙂
Anywho, she asks if I wanted to get Starbucks with her in the morning. Again, still surprised.. I usually am the one asking if she wanted to hang out, which I am kind of gonna stop doing. I was like, i’m down and what not. Called her up since I was driving and didn’t want to type and what not. She commented about my post about the Hollywood Bowl here on this website. I wasn’t too sure what she was talking about, I need her to tell me what she was talking about again. Unless any of you guys know what she is talking about, tell me what’s up then. A thing that bothered me, is that I been noticing she’s been keeping things from me. Like little things, well kind of sorta don’t know. Nonetheless keeping things from me, I would give her a chance to say something, but she wouldn’t. At this point, i’m not really bothered much yet, however I am sure give it some time and it will manifest itself. Kind of feel like i’m being deceived, but whatever. It isn’t a problem just yet, but i’m sure soon it’s going to be.
It’s just kinda funny, we started talking back again when I am assuming that she isn’t with her boyfriend anymore. All during her relationship with this guy, I would see away messages that are quite humorous and at first bothered me. That stopped after I didn’t read her away message or anything connecting to her anymore. So all during the relationship with this guy, I wasn’t apart of it at all. Now that it seems to be over, we are talking and sorta hanging out again. Which is great? But im not a big fan of people deceiving me. I also noticed she’s been a little happy go lucky with another guy. That is totally a red flag. Im sure you are guessing, another guy I have to compete with. Not at all. I’ve seen what happens to her guys, and I’ve even experienced it. But it would rub me sooo effin wrong, if she broke up with her last boyfriend, to get friendly with this new guy. I think that is totally wrong, and I can’t have friends or associate with people like that. Granted, I wasn’t a big fan of her last boyfriend; homie was on stalking status, knowing my Myspace and messaging me the day after I got it again. Having all my screen names on his buddylist. I mean cmon now. But if she burned him for another guy, then I don’t want anything to do with her at all. I bet you are thinking, what if she burned him for you. I wouldn’t know how to answer that, since that didn’t happen, but she has burned me for him. She may think she hasn’t but she has. I really don’t care to be honest. This is all on her. However, If I do find out that’s how it went down. Im over it. Jasmine got that feeling that had out of me, so I kinda pretty much think straight.
Am I still going to hang with her? Only if she askes me. Im tired of asking her, and getting excuses and what not. I’ve told her 100 times to check out my calendar and see what she wanted to go to. Still no avail. Just another excuse. I’m not really into “dating” her much at this moment. So she has to approach me. I was told she was going to be pretty free for the next couple days, well able to do whatever she wants. I would LOVE to see if she askes to do something. If not, i guess im not. Always putting some sort of effort towards NOTHING!. Oh im sure you are saying she approached you to go to Starbucks, well Coffee Bean that morning. I kinda have doubts about that too. Im sure she asked around and no one would friggin wake up at that insane time to get Coffee. However she knew I would. So I take it, after asking a few people, she had to settle for me. Since she did kinda ask me like at 3 in the morning. You do the math?
Funny thing, I mentioned it a little bit in my Hollywood Bowl blog. I don’t think she even caught what I was trying to say at one point. The day before Sondheim’s, I still havent got noticed if I had press tickets and photo pass. I told her that she should just plan something else. She asked if I was still gonna go, and I was like yes I was going to go. Blah blah. Heres the thing that bothered, I didn’t give her a straight answer if I was going with or without press tickets. I kinda waiting to see if she would say something to the likes of, “Well if we didn’t go, we could go do something else.” NOTHING!!! I didn’t event get that, it was either Hollywood Bowl or fuck Anh, im going to go do something else. No, well we can hang out, go see a movie, something. What do you wanna do? She just agreed to leave her night open. I was sooo like what the fawk?? I see how it is. This summer is most definaely going to repeat. I have to plan huge events, to have her hang out. No lets get dinner, come visit me at work, or movie. NOTHING. What she doesn’t know? After I stopped talking to her, I started calling people who would want to go. If she couldn’t even suggest something else. Screw that! Back to the matter of the day at hand…
While I am talking to her about her day, I head up to Alex. He’s being wanting to get food all night long, and I thought since I was near by I would pick him up. When I get there, he’s already eating something and I was like are you kidding me? During this, I got this idea, so I head over to Em’s house since it’s on my way home. Tell her to get out so I can give her something. OF COURSE!! She couldn’t just walk outside get her thing. I kind of figured it was going to be something, man.. One day I swear, i’m going to catch her off friggin guard.

After like 5 mins of me pacing around her street, a dog barking. She came out, again.. Like wow? Are you kidding me? I would state what she was wearing, but lets not due to like… never mind. Anywho, she looked to die for, and I mean it wasn’t anything at all. Like its stuff you throw on to sleep with, but man. Wow, she looked just as beautiful as she did on Friday at the Hollywood Bowl, if not better since…no comment…NEVERMIND!… Just made me want to rush my damn plan I have. What’s the plan? No friggin comment. I am still working on it, and I think maybe by the end of the year? If not? I got a couple years, cough cough…
Chatted a little, gave her my Mickey balloons. Chatted a little more and then left. As I was driving home, I was thinking, dude she hates Starbucks. She called when I got home, and yeah changed it to Coffee Bean. I would have loved to talk to her until we both fell asleep like we used to always do, but we really cant have everything repeat like it did last summer. At this point, it was like 330. She had to get up to get ready and leave to UCR by 630ish. I hit the sack at 3:30 but I know I didn’t sleep until pass 4.
Dude I set my alarm at 5:30, woke up. First thought? It’s too early for this shit. Put some clothes on and sprayed my Versace cologne, and it was way too early to smell that. It was sooo strong!! My senses were like getting beat up. She came around 6:15, went to the Coffee Bean. Got stuff and chatted a little, well not really. We kept repeating it’s too early for this and we were dead tired. I wanted to see what she was talking about my post, ehh some other time. The things I do for her.. It’s ridiculous, and still nothing.. Nothing at all…
Got home, and soooo went to sleep. This is my day to rest and catch up on some sleep… Long friday, long weekend in store…..!!! 🙂
For every action, there is an equal or greater reaction.

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