The Interview and encounter with Josh Groban!!!!!

Josh Groban Interview
Stephen Sondheims 75th Celebration
Hollywood Bowl, CA
July 8th, 2005
7:01 PM

When i was told i had a photo pass to this event. I figured i had a chance to at least talk to Josh. However, i wasnt expecting to interview anyone let alone Josh. Plus this was my first time covering the Bowl’s backstage. I wasnt too sure what to expect while i was back there.

Josh came out of his car but i didnt notice at all. I saw him with a talk fella which i figured was his Brian Avent, his manager. I wasnt 100 percent sure at all. He was waiting next to the Hollywood Bowl backdrop talking to people. At this time, Anne Hatheway was doing the photo opts. Sabrina, the Hollywood Bowl publicist/press person, was introducing the celebrites to us and what not. Bless her heart, she is sooo sweet! So very so kind! Josh came out and did his thing. Sabrina thought he could have done a photo opt with Anne, however she was on the phone.
As i am standing there waiting for the next person to be photograph. I look over Em’s way and trying to gauge her reaction. I can tell she was excited, and she had this smile. Which is to die for is my Kryptonite. So i see someone interview Josh, in my head i was like, dude im going to interview him so that i can that i have met him and talked to him. Heres, the thing, im not one to be starstruck at all or anything else. However i am so into this guy’s music and a person himself.

I went up to Sabrina and asked her if i can interview Josh. She asked me my name and who i was with. She then reiteriated it to Brian. Brian came up and introduce him to me and i introduced myself to him. We chatted a little bit, and he was soo friendly and warm. I usually deal with publicist, which arent always that nice. In this case Sabrina and Brian were the mock publicists. Brian gave me a comment about how i was dressed, “Looking Snappy” he said, i told him, “I try.” He came back and said “Its nice, i like it, it works.”
While i am standing there, small chatting with Brian and looking at Josh being interview. I am in my own little place in my head. I feel like i begin to just sucked into this hole, its really weird. Like its that place where say your parents are telling you that you did something wrong, and you space out and their mouth is hypotizing you. I just felt like i was just, maybe i was floating? I dont know. I say i was in La-la land…
Before Josh finsihed his interview, i call Emeline to come over. I wanted her to stand with me while i interviewed him, and i knew she wanted a picture with him. So its easier for her to be there, plus she can be in his space an what not and hear him talk. If anyone tried to say anything, anything such as she couldnt stand there. I would have gotten crazy and said whats up. Good thing no one did.
Josh came over, him in his traditional black suit with black tie. I would have guessed it was Gucci, or maybe even Armani. I introduced myself to Josh and shook his hand, and then introduce him to Emeline and the interview proceeded….

Anh Nguyen: So you performed at Live 8, how was that?
Josh Groban: So much fun! What a day for everybody.
AN: Who there were you just in awe of?
JG: You know.. It was just a great lineup with great artists. I mean I love many of the artists that were on that show. For me, I was just in awe being able to stand on stage with Sarah McLachlan. I mean I am a huge fan of hers, I always have been. I always wanted to sing with her. So it was a great honor for me.
AN: Tonight, I know you told me before. What are you doing to tonight?
JG: I am doing “Move On” from Sunday in the Park with George with Barbara Cook. And I am doing “Johanna” from Sweeney Todd.
AN: I heard that you were going into the studio to record a third album?
JG: Yes, very shortly.
AN: What type of sound are you going about this time??
JG: I like to make it more eclectic. I love rhythm, I love playing the drums. I love writing on the last album, and writing with the piano. I hope to work with a lot of different writers and producers. And do something that would incorporate a lot of world music, as well as a classical sound.
AN: Are going to go back into the studio with David Foster?
JG: Properly so, oh, definitely so.
AN: Have you heard about his show? [Princes of Malibu Fox Sundays at 8:30]
JG: Yeah!
AN: Have you had a chance to watch it yet?
JG: I haven’t seen it yet..
AN: Do you plan to?
JG: Yeah, it should be funny. I hear it’s funny. So you know?
AN: You are going to be doing Tanglewood this year correct? Are you looking forward to that?
JG: Very much so. I did it two years ago with John Williams and we’re going to do it again this year. And it’s just like the Bowl, its one of those special venues that’s just great to go hear music. It’s great to be off the road and I can play a venue like that.
AN: And its just going to be you and John??
JG: Just me and John. And the Boston Pops of course.
AN: Of course the Boston Pops. Is their a set list already planned?
JG: Its going to be film music.
AN: Songs John conducted?
JG: He’s going to be doing a whole bunch of music, of movies he’s done. I’m going to be doing a couple songs of movies I’ve sung for. And then couple of songs from old movies that need to be redone again.
AN: Such as..?
JG: Such as “Smile”…. and “[Our] Love Affair” from An Affair to Remember. Ok, you know? A couple other things I want to do.
AN: Word on the street is that you’re dating January Jones. Is she here tonight at all?
JG: Word on the street? Well we’ve been together for two years now, and she’s in her hometown in South Dakota right now. She’s going to a wedding. She couldn’t be here tonight.
AN: Well, thank you very much Josh.
JG: You got it.

I wished i was more prepared for this interview. Well i mean i wished i had notes down so i can refer back to certain topics. Topics such as Opening Night, movies, languages he wants to sing on the next album and things like that. I was just esatic finally meeting him, and talking to him. I had to include my personality into the interview, such as terms and things i would say. I wasnt too sure how well Josh responded when i said, “Word on the Street.” I was just trying to carry on the interview and figure out questions before he answered the next.
After it was done, i asked him for a photo with him and Emeline. He was very much into it, i think it was due to something Emeline noticed, but we arent going go there. Lets say they had a “moment.” I would include a picture of them together but i gotta respect her privacy.
I sorta thought this night was kinda funny and ironic. I introduced Em to Josh Groban’s music less than a year ago, actually it would be pretty much a year ago. And tonight i introduced her to him. Sometimes i wonder what the heck goes through my head when it has to do with anything with her. I really dont know, its funny we havent spoke to her for 6 months and havent hung out in the same amount of time. And our first date again, she meets Josh, talks to him, and takes a picture with him. I have this feeling that last summer is going repeat itself again, and we both know how thats going to go down. I guess all i can say for now, and only me and her can understand. It’s summer….
Look out Josh here I come again, Tanglewood ho!

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