“She’s No You” so “Come to Me” because you have a “Beautiful Soul”

Jesse McCartney Concert
The Gibson Amplitheatre
July 10th, 2005

Finally, the day has come when I get the chance to see Jesse McCartney live after I came across his CD a few months back. I hella like this, love this CD and have an appreciation for his album and even his TV show “Summerland.” Sadly it was been canceled, and now I wont get a chance to be in awe of Taylor Cole every week. Oh well! I’m still happy from seeing her at the Ryan Cabrera concert… She is really stunning…
I missed Jesse at the Hollister Lounge 22 thingy concert in Newport in March I think, and missed him at Your Show 6 in San Diego in May. I had a little problem going to this show, however things worked out like I usually have it do and I ended up getting 4 tickets.

The day after Sondheim’s, I was feeling this anxiety. This kind of anxiety is something I am not a big fan of. Like my chest was feeling all weird and I guess I would have to be honest, it felt that my heart was aching. It totally sucks… I think all Saturday; I took about 5 naps to get my mind off things and not to feel it. But when I wake up, the very second I wake up, it was there again. It all rushed back in full force. Like when I was napping, my mind, body, and soul had it all in reserve when I was unconscious, but when I wake up. It hit me, like a friggin big rig. Felt like it all wanted to make me pay trying to get rid of it, and wanted to punish me. Oh and that it did… Trust me…
Am I still feeling this way? Nope not anymore. How did I get rid of this agony feeling? By expressing my thoughts and feelings. I tried to confide into someone, which to be honest didn’t work at all. She was saying all the wrong things, well things I felt wasn’t right. I didn’t care that she didn’t help; she’s not really a fixture in my life. That made me not even care that I told her.
Who did it for me? Jasmine. The person I was referring to, sister. Like I totally told her things, that I’ve never shared with anyone before. I mean it was sooo therapeutic. I learned things, and got so much out that I didn’t know I could. I needed to hear things that I haven’t heard, and needed to hear. I got input from someone who has first hand experience and witnessed it all from day one. Instead of hearing my friends biting off an ear from what i’ve commentate for them. Which of course is one sided. I’m sure you guys love how I get off on tangents. Bottom-line? I don’t have that feeling anymore for now, and I can get through my day without that anxiety. Back to MR. JESSE MCCARTNEY.
Arrived to the Universal Citywalk, and the person I was with, already had to start being dumb. How? She saw a car saying like, follow us to the Jesse McCartney concert. That sort of stuff you saw for N’Sync, things you saw the crazy fans did on MTV. She was acting hella immature. There’s more to come, but I talk about it later.
I decided to bring my camera in, which they were locking down like hella on the entrance. However this is the Gibson, so they don’t do metal detectors much. I just put my camera behind my belt buckle in my pants. Even if make me walk through the detectors or have the wand search me, I have a huge metal buckle on.
Got into the theatre, and of course more annoying comments, laughs, and mocking. Found out seats, Lodge 19, Row P, Seat 9, 10, 11, and 12. Were they good? Not really. I am a little too used to being really close. So after hearing more of my date’s comments, I just saw there quietly with no expression at all. She finally got the hint and shut up.
Some chick named Monet opening up for Jesse. As expected, the audience didn’t really respect that idea. She had a pretty long set, about 30 mins, with about 6 songs. I would have enjoyed her if I could see how hot she was, however my only good view were on the projection screens. I decided after she was done, I was going to move my way on down.
Made my way down towards down the orchestra and ended up at the entrance to the backstage. I wanted to see if the person who was helping me out at the George Lopez show, can help me out today. I couldn’t find him anywhere, but saw a little row of seats open. Went to sit there besides 2 girls who looked about 16. Talked to him for a few, I noticed the door man to the backstage looked familiar. Went up and talked to him, I guess I saw him at the Vans Warped Tour.
I ended up chatting with him until the concert started which was pretty chill. Besides the fact that some little girl was trying to get backstage, she was all crying and saying she was Jesse number 1 fan since she was 9. I kind of thought it was sad yet funny. Every time someone came out of the doors, she was jump in front of them and asks YOU MET JESSE?? OMG HOW DID YOU DO THAT? It was quite humorous.
I noticed press people were coming out of that room, I was like. Dude I wished I was back there just to check it out! It was all good though. I was at the concert, and I was pretty cool with that already.
The concert eventually started, i found seats down in the orchestra. I don’t remember what songs he sang or which was first. I know he didn’t sing “Come to Me” and “Why Is Love so Hard to Find.” However, the other songs, “Take Your Sweet Time” and “Without U” were great. Jasmine’s song “Why Don’t you Kiss Her” was sweet but I kind of didn’t want to hear the song, for reason I do not want to get into.
Wow, it was loud in there. About 4000 girls screaming their heads off. That Mr. McCartney was pretty sexually provocative, with his Elvis-sque gyrations. Nonetheless, the pre teen and teen gals digged it.
All through the concert I was taking pictures, but it looked like someone on his tour team was walking around, telling people no cameras. It was weird; they were sooo strict about it. I still shot away and even recorded about one and half minutes of “Beautiful Soul.” Which you can check out below.
The concert wasn’t too long since has only has one album out. He did sing “Best Day of My Life” a track off the movie soundtrack, A Cinderella Story with Hilary Duff and Chad Michael Murray.

I’d say the concert ended about 9:45. It was amazing how everyone rushed into the backstage. There were so many people going there who were allowed to be back there. I just said peace out to the homie, and left. I would however much rather have either Casey or Jasmine there, since they would have enjoyed as much as I did. Oh, I guess persistent pays off. That chick who was crying all over the place before Jesse got on stage. She ended up getting a pass back there, and it was brand new. Haha… so funny…
I don’t want another pretty face; I want you and your beautiful soul.

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