effin Warped OUT!!!

Vans Warped Tour
Pomona Fairplex
July 6th, 2005

Last week, i was a black dude who loves Rap, R&B, and Hip Hop at the BET Awards. This day i am a trendy punk pop white dude at the Vans Warped Tour.
Head over there around 11:30. Well got in proximity of the Fairplex, however it took friggin 2 hours to get into the parking lot and park. It was so ridiculous. The only good thing is that i didnt have to drive and there was lots of eye candy walking by.
When we finally park we head over to will call, get my 2 tickets, press and photo pass. Got in, and walked to the press area to check it out. Walked by the cater area with all this food on the Bar-B. Checked into the press desk. Pretty much all the interviews i requested i received. Rufio, Thrice, Fall Out Boy, Underoath, and others.
Right off the bat i was in an interview with Rufio. Well sidenote, i was trying to get Kathy to come with me. But i was kinda working and i would have had to ditched her here and there. So i didnt think it would have been cool, and plus she wouldnt have made it through the traffic. I mean she would have but it would have been a pain and didnt want her in that.

Anywho, sat down with the guys of Rufio. I wanted to finally meet what the big deal was with these guys. I mean they came from Rancho and pretty big here, but i mean ok? Yeah know? Then again i dont get really phased at that sort of stuff. I would say this would have been on the spot interview for sure. I just asked various questions, it was really brief. I mean, i did the interviews to meet them and get an idea of what the guys are all about. However the reason why i was there was to check out the band and take photos.
I was sporting my tight Beatles Let It Be shirt. I got lots of. “Nice Shirt,” and “I Like that Shirt.” Shoot, screw the bands that was there. Its all about the orginal rock and rollers.
First one band on the agenda, My Chemical Romance. It was all the way at the Bishop Stage which was on one end of the grounds. Rolled up to the pit area and snapped a few shots. The lead singer is a lot more what you would say chubber than you would think, watchin their latest video, “Helena.” I guess its the make up in the video since Gerard has all this make up on. My peeve, why do chicks do the crowd surfing? Their butts will be crewed out and and spit out! All the dude will take that advantage to rub, groupe, and pretty much do anything while their helpless bodies are passing by.

Before i reached the stage, i get a call from the press area telling me Underoath was waiting to be interviewed by me. I wanted to interviwed them, but i had to review the show. After Chemical Romance, i went back and told them that they should cancel my interviews since my priority was photos and the bands. Felicia, the chick who was helping me, who loooked really familar, was nice. While i was there, i was trying to plan out who i was going to see, and if i could fit in interviews.

Hit up Stephanie to see where she was at, and she was at the Bishop area thingy. I had to head back there to take photos of Thrice. After that i had to run to the other side of the place to the Mike stage, to see Transplants. I wanted to check out their sound and see whats crackin with Travis Barker. It sucked that they didnt do interviews, a lot of the bigger names didnt do any. What was kinda sick, Travis was spitting but it hit the stage, and the lead singer from the band was spitting in the crowd. I was like wow, i guess maybe some fan would have been happy to be spat on? Perhaps? Their sound is pretty hard, harder than i thought it would have been.
Headed back to the press area to check out times. I was asked to interview Thrice since no one showed up. I figured ill give them a brief interview. Looked like the only person that was availble was Eddie. Asked a few questions about the next record, Warped Tour, and Tom and Katie. IM SORRY!! I had to! After it was done, i had him leave a message on Stephanie’s phone since she likes them and such.

Back to the Bishop stage again to see Reliant K. I havent heard much about these guys, however i heard few of their songs and i like it. Their video “Be My Escape” is really cool. When they hit the stage and performed, the whole crowd was a lot louder than the band and it was cool. I really like the songs, and the reaction from the fans was impressive.
The Offspring… wasnt really into it, but there wasnt anyone else i wanted to see at that time. They were a little late getting on the stage and people were volleying bottles. It was pretty cool sight, this one chick upfront got hit so many times, and this retarded guy threw a semi empty can of soda and it moved like 1 foot and hit the group in front of him. People are so dense, i swear. Did my photo thing, im not sure if it was for Offspring or Transplants, but one chick like busted open her head and was bleeding all the way down her face and neck. Jeezesh!

Billy Idol, the OG Punk rocker! Been rocking for 26 years and still going and not missing any beat. I think he was the only artist that threw out water to the crowd. Hella good guy. Looked like Monster Energy drinks was sponsering the show since every damn band had a few chillin. Mr Idol was giving me some hella good shots. As you can see. I stuck around until he finished, this dude said i was looking tired and i feel a little tired but i guess i dont know how until someone tells me. Of course he was jocking my lens. I love my 70-200mm 2.8 telephoto lens. I cant say it enough!
Bands i missed? Hawthrone Heights. It was Kim band she wanted to see, but i totally didnt even know that ive heard of them and even heard their entire cd. MY HEART IS IN OHIO!!!! Underoath.. They were right on before Rufio and i didnt plan it right, but when i got to the stage Rufio was playing, it was hella crowded and it sounded hella cool. I asked someone, and they said it was Underoath.. so pissed. After the Offspring, i was told Avent Sevenfold puts on a good show, but i had to get to resting somewhere or i would have died. I gave up Fall Out Boy, to see Rufio. Times were just conflicting a little too much.

Headed over to the Hurley Stage to see Rufio. I was like the only photographer there for awhile. So i just sat around, i would say whats up to Clark and Scott here and there. Shot my pictures. After the 3rd song, i had to leave the pit. Of course the 4th song had to be a song i knew, “In My Eye.” Stuck around for a little bit and headed home. All and all it was fun, but very hella tiring.
Got dinner at Johnny Rockets. Trying to wind down, but i was so out of it.
Pop Punk!!! YEAHeeRR!!!

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