BET Awards… Drop it like its HOTT!!

The BET Awards
Kodak Theatre
June 28th, 2005

The day is here. I had to be down in Hollywood at 1 for the Press Check in. The check in for the red carpet that i was not approved to be on but with some social engineering. If you dont know anything about that, read Kevin Mitnick’s Art of Deception.

I am missing a day out at the beach, i was planning to go down back to LA at 4ish because the show doest start until 5, but the red carpet and yeah. Got down to LA Weekly again at 12ish to meet up with my friend. I took Sunset to get there because they closed down Hollywood Blvd, good luck getting through there with out a limo.
This red carpet was pretty huge. It spanned from what i saw was Highland until Orange. However it could have went down to Fairfax, so a security guard said.
Not to be racist, but we didnt even get checked in until 1:30ish, i dont recall because i wasnt even paying attention. Saw Fernando from the New York post there. I covered Powerhouse with him. Its funny how you meet random people at these things and see them down the line. He was holding this huge lens, it was crazy and i think he said the price of that thing was 70,000 dollars. Damn!! But im sure the New York Post doest settle for any less. However, the chick who he was with, thought she was hot shit. Im too good, i dont wait in line, i know people blah blah blah. Sorry sweetie you aint hot or anything close to it, get over it and wait. Im just glad she eventually left.

So finally, they were checking people in. The thing is, it wasnt check in at all. It was just telling us where we stand on the carpet. I mean they have it all labeled on the carpet.
I knew that since we werent approved to be on the carpet, that we wouldnt have a spot and it would have been a minor problem. Which indeed it was, they made us stand to the side while people were getting placed. While i was standing there, i was pretty surprised to see Manny. Manny Guevara, Manny on the Streets for 102.7 KIIS FM On Air with Ryan Seacrest. The next friggin music star. haha. I guess he was covering the carpet too, however he didnt have a spot or anything. Earlier there was this cameragirl who showed up, who looked exhausted and what not. Wasnt too sure what was going on. Eventually we helped her out and she got a spot on the carpet. Thing is, she was approved for 4 people on the carpet, and she was like come with me. Shoot ill come with you… cough cough.. just kidding guys!!! kinda..?

After thinking about it for awhile, we had “Z” on our badges. The security wasnt going to trip on us. I mean i figured that they might have tripped if we didnt have an escort. See, they were having volunteers escort the press to their spots. We just walked, me, my homie and Manny just walked, flashed the badges, and went on our merry way. Theres something empowering walking a red carpet like you own it, and getting your way. I love it!!
We buddied up with the gal at CBS but there was no space and lots of camera people there. KTLA, FOX, the usual outlets. I mean Access Hollywood, Entertainment Tonight, and Extra were there also, but they usually get the better spots up front with no one around them up on mini stages. Me and Manny headed down to the radio spot and he found his spot. I pretty much chilled with him because i need to do interviews, which i discovered was hard while holding my camera and my ipod with a mic on it. I ended up walking the red carpet a little but up and down, which is always fun. I saw the photo pit and which where i belonged, however i just stayed with the radio people and got my shots there.

I not sure what time arrivals actually started but at least they did happen. Flava Flav showed up with all his kids. I dont remember but of the red carpet, but you can see who was on it by the pictures. Will’s kid was chillin al up on it, James Avery aka Uncle Phil on Fresh Prince walked it, and even a former Destiny’s Child, the orginal was there. Lotta hot black ladies!
Tightest rides that rolled up? TI showed up in what looked like a rented Ferrari, i totally missed the shot. The Game rolled up with his kid, and lady friend in a West Coast low rider. Marques Houston and Christopher Stokes rolled up in them tight BMW boxy looking cars. I looked right at Marques and was like rolling down your window. I signaled and everything with my hand, like roll down the window. But MH had to be a gangsta and not roll it down. I took the picture anyways.
It was getting close to 5 when the show started and nobody else really walked the carpet and did the press line. So me and Manny decided to roll up to the Media Room. Of course it wasnt open yet, even though they said it opened at 4.
Looked like they had photographers and media separate, but i was able to bounce back and forth since i had a general press pass. Man i was hella hungry and they didnt have dinner until like 2 hours later. It was all catered and such. I was bouncing back and forth from room to room to get pictures because one room was strictly press conference style type stuff and the other room was photo opts. With winners holding their award. I was running back and forth and it was soo exhausting. I got pretty friendly with the door security guards and such. Victor and Rico, after awhile i didnt have to flash my press badge. See i mean i love these events, but i love meeting people. More and more i am introducing myself to people and trying to remember names. Honestly, if i have myself adhere to someones mind, and its a good impression, then i accomplished what i set out for the day. Its just someone i am really into now. Which is kinda hard if i cant remember names.

As far as i know, i missed only 2 photo opts, and they were Garbielle Union and Vida Guerra. Garbielle is hella fine from Bad Boys II among other things. Vida Guerra, well she has been featured on FHM many times. I didnt even know i was walking by her, all i knew there was a fione chick in i think a teal dress with a ass like WHOA!! and a chest that could make anyone salute! It did kinda look she wasnt wearing underwear. I mean i was close! I didnt know it was her because her face was very cute, but when ive seen her in FHM, its not all that. But man, i wish i got some close of that! WHOA!

After taking pictures of certain people, they would walk pass me and i would say thank you and such. Marques Houston who walked by, i said thanks and gave him the brother hug. Do you guys know what a brother hug is? If not, its the hug guys do without apearring a little too homo. So after i gave it to him, i was like next time roll down your window. He started laughing and said alright.
Chatted with Mike Jones’ Swishahouse crew. One dude had this chalice with all these diamonds and even the straw had diamonds and such. It was pretty crazy. I gave him props and Mike Jones came down the stage and he gave me a hella tight picture. I went out to the hall and my homie wanted to take a picture with him. I went up to the dude who i said whats up to and asked. I then went up to Mike Jones and he was hella cool with it. I love being whatevers around celebrities and such.
Pretty much the night was over after the awards. I missed like the whole entire show. We wanted to check out the after parties and the only one we heard of was the one at the Highlands that BET was putting on. They were being so strict that you needed a ticket and such. They turned away even Jadakiss and Vivica A Fox. Allen Iverson came up with a huge entourage. Fatty Koo was also chill and i said whats up to Eddie B and did the homie shake. Of course, Chris Lane, some crazy dude from Beautyshop. He is like hella esentric and was wearing stuff hella wild. Said whats up to him and what not. Had a mini conversation which made it seemed like we knew each other.
We hit up Marleen, to see if she can get us into a party. However she was with Brooke and she was doing a wardrobe change and what not. So we waited for a little to see if she would get back to us. But man, we were dead tired. Headed back to LA Weekly and from there pretty much left. There were mad parties just driving down Hollywood Blvd. I wanted to jump out of my car and take some photos and go clubbing. Its all good though, all in a days work.
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