Insomnia Tour with Dane Cook and Dave Attell.

The Wiltern LG
June 25th, 2005

Dane Cook.. love this guy. He is one funny dude. You should all get his DVD/CD set thing. Anywho rolled up to the Wiltern hella late. I could have sworned it started at 8 but i guess it started a little earlier.

Got there, got my photopass and was waiting for my tickets but i guess they didnt have it. They just had some wristbands and i guess they were just general standing area in the back. It wasnt a problem because i had to take pictures and it aint no thang.
Hit up, Lennora who was there in charge of the press people. I havent talked to her since i covered the Ryan Cabrera show and heard she was up Powerhouse. We just chatted when we can, during intermission and such. It was nice. She is hella tight!
Couple comedians performed but i was there for Dane Cook. I hope he was going to perform new material because hes been doing the same thing over and over. Dont get me wrong, its hella funny. I just wanted to hear new things which i did.
Left and headed to BCD Tofu House. I love that place and i was kinda hungry. Went there, and gone inside. There was hella nosy ass Koreans standing next to me looking all up on my Sidekick and like put their head in my face to look down at my phone. Then they go off to say something, i swear i was going to say something.

Had some bomb TOFU and such, i love this place and then headed off to Bang. I didnt want to go clubbing cuz i kinda only wanna deal with one this at a time but whatever. Thats all im say about that. Got home around 2 in the morning and thats about it..
Look for Dane Cook’s new album and DVD..

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