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106 Powerhouse/How the West was One
Arrowhead Pond, Anaheim, CA
May 21st

106 Powerhouse.. at the Pond. Which is called How the West was One everywhere else. I had a full day however, i was planning to cover KROQ’s Weenie Roast at Irvine, then make it over to a wedding reception in Chino Hills, then off to Powerhouse.
I am glad that the chick at KROQ didnt get back to me in time. i really wanted to check out a few of the bands there but its all good.

Headed over to the Pond after the reception, i was kinda late, and didnt leave until 750 where i was going to leave at 7. I was sporting my black suit with a pink button up with my chucks.
Got there, picked up my photo pass cuz like i didnt get tickets because homegirl at Interscope who got me the passes didnt hear me when i said i needeed tickets. It was all good thought because it was a multiartist thing, so i was there until the very end until Snoop. Usually its the first 2 songs. I could have got tickets with my homie who was also working it but its all good.
Got there and was lead backstage to the photographers holding area which was soooo ghetto. It was just us sitting down and just staring at each other. Bone Thugs and Harmony were performing and we couldnt watch it but its all good..
Yeah.. so pretty much staring at each other. Again here i am with a little point and shoot digital camera while everyelse had these huge cameras. I kinda thought that sucked. Its all good, was planning to get a professional digital camera soon.

When Bone Thugs was done, Busta Rhymes was going on next. We were lead to the photo pit that was all the way in the front. Man there was some freaky chicks there. The stuff they were wearing, i was wow, hook it up!!!
Shot Busta Rhymes, he is still amazing and i didnt even know he was signed to Interscope. It just one of those things, when you into music its like a big deal because it was a big deal to me. He was up there with Lil Scrappy. I made sure i got a hold of some ear plugs because i was standing in front of the speakers. Its amazing to look back and see all the thousands of people. It was a packed house but i dont know how much it fills in. I think about 12000. Man, it made me want to be a performer and just looking at the crazy crowd.
The Game was next, he filled up the stage with what it looked like his entourage. All decked out in Red from head to toe. Red Chucks, Angels Jersey, Red Angel hat, and a red bandana. If you didnt know, The Game was, actually prolly still is a Blood.

When he got up, a group of guys rushed the front wearing purple, with purple bandanas holding up plastic purple grapes. i then was told it was the Grape Gang and what not. They were doing the whole signs and chanting. It was pretty interesting.
After shooting the 2 songs, we were lead back to the holding area however they let us watch from outside the door. Me and this dude said screw it and went all the way to the front were his homies were. Got to enjoy the show some and the chicks. Nate Dogg came on to perform a few songs. The Game was downing some liquer and even got high on stage. Thats how you do it it couldnt help to smell the chronic all through out the arena.

Just as you would expect, The Game was talkig a little head bout 50 Cent. It wasnt too bad, it was pretty tamed. Trust me, if you heard the mixed tapes, man they be talkinh mad head. Game brought out his kid for a song or 2. I really like this rapper, nice beats, but its expected since Dr. Dre produced his album.
So backstage, one of the chick grew up in Upland and we chatted a little about it. It was like 3 really nice white girls, who was running press at a black/rap concert. They were soo not into it. There were fireworks and they were getting freaked out.
Snoop Dogg was last on the bill. They were running about 30 minutes late. Nothing that isnt expected. Yes i know i used a double negative. He has this whole softcore porno show thingy. It was kinda wierd. Then he rolled on out with this blue jumpsuit. If you havent watched Starky and Hutch. Snoop is a lanky hella skinny dude..
After the two songs, we were escorted out and i just left. Wasnt much left to do.
Check out “Westside Story” Live
Cant wait until Anger Management w/ 50 Cent and Eminem.

The Game – Westside Story
Saturday May 21st, 2005
Arrowhead Pond Anaheim, CA

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