Ay dios Miyo!!! Senior Lopez.

George Lopez
Gibson Amplitheatre
June 12, 2005

He had like 6 shows back in Decemberish time at the Gibson and they all sold out. I didnt get a contact with the place until recently. So i was approved for a photo pass and 2 tickets.
Ok, i dont have much to say, so imma do a little commentary and input the article i wrote that was published. Thanks!!
Last time i was there was for a Hilary Duff concert. Yes, i know you are saying Hilary Duff? They were free and the homie Manny hooked it up. Plus i wanted to see how good of a performer she is and ive had her cd and listened to it for alittle bit. Anywho!!
Got some pretty good seats down in orchestra. It was a given because its always like that. However, i never shot at the Gibson and i didnt know how it worked. Generally there is someone on your back telling you what and when you can shoot.

I went up to the office, not before i watched a little of Dr. Kim. This korean comedian. Dude it was hella funny, i wished i coudl have seen his full show, but the person i took lagged it. I swear , peopel are soo undependable.
Headed up to the office and see if i needed to meet anyone there. While i was there, i didnt know so many people complained about things. I heard one about you couldnt hear anything in the mezziane, like the speakers werent on or anything. Another was that they were complaing about the people around her. She said she got second to the last row in Mezzaine. I mean duh, do you think people of class and manners sit in shitty seats?? Cmon now, but then again the snobby type will be sitting up front. Heres, the thing that was kinda sad, yet funny. The lady who was complaing about her seat, saying she was sitting in front of a large woman who was pushing against her seat and being loud. She said that she didnt pay 150 bucks not to enjoy the show. WOW, 150 for bad seats, and i was in orchestra about 12 rows from the pit. I always wanna know how much my tickets go for, for each event.

Anywho, i met up with Brian, the media man. He was a really nice guy and they are very unrestrictive about shooting photos. I mean upfront i had about the first 5 mins but at my seat, they werent regulating which is good. Anyways, i am done doing commentary… The following is my wrap up of the show.

Review: Lopez overcomes obstacles, delivers great comedy show

“Why you crying?” This phrase may resonate if you watched George Lopez’s Comedy Central special of the same name.
However, despite his great ability to make people laugh, Lopez has experienced much sadness in his life, including a painful childhood in which he was abandoned by his mother and father, and his grandmother took him in and raised him.

You would not even know he was living with a genetic kidney disease since birth, which became more of a problem recently.
With his 11th sold-out show at the Gibson Amphitheatre, Lopez was all smiles, running around on stage, doing push-ups.
On April 19, Lopez (whose ABC sitcom “George Lopez” is the longest running show in history with a cast made up of Latinos) checked into Cedar-Sinai Medical Center under the alias of Tom Ace, which was the name of Jim Carrey’s character in the “Ace Ventura” movies. Ann Lopez, his wife, made the perfect kidney donor.
His ensuing return to stand-up comedy was terrific, with Lopez touching on subjects including his family, his wife, and the Mexican culture. There was never a dull moment in his show.
Things calmed down for a short time in the middle of his act as Bob Shea, the senior vice president of talent of the House of Blues, came out to honor him with a plaque for selling out the theatre 11 times. This plaque will be hung in the halls at the amphitheatre among with many other greats who have performed there.
The newly-elected mayor of Los Angeles, Antonio Villaraigosa and his wife Corina, showed up to support Lopez. (Villaraigosa’s feat was also impressive; he became the first Latino mayor of the City of Angels in more than 100 years.)

Lopez has earned his mark in many aspects of mainstream comedic entertainment. He even has a movie, “The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl in 3-D,” that broke into the top five in grosses in its first weekend.
Without kidney disease looming over him, Lopez is free to be creative without having to think about his next step.
What is his next step? He is planning to release another stand-up album, hoping for a Grammy. His sitcom was renewed and is heading into its fifth season, where his kidney transplant will take center stage.
Despite the adversity in his life, Lopez has found the good in everything and now he shares it in a humorous way that everyone can enjoy.

Afterwards we hit up Roscoes Chicken and Waffles. The wait is generally more than an hour even late at night and the middle of the week. It was all good though, it only took like 15 mins. The place is not really that big and it figures why there is always a long wait and what not. Of course had the chicken and waffles. I am telling you, it may not seem like a good combination, but its hella good. After it, rolled on home and it was a night.
Check out video of the healthy Lopez
Dont go to someone’s show and offend them. Not a good idea

George Lopez
Sunday June 12th, 2005
Gibson Amplitheatre, Univerisal City, CA

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