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The band formerly known as Kara’s Flowers, however im sure you would know the band as Maroon 5. I missed their concert back in February i think? at the Universal Amplitheatre, which recently changed their name to some weird name that i cant think of off the top of my head. Anywho… got to the Pond and it seemed a little dead getting into the parking lot. I thought it was just dead or people got there already since it was around 730ish. Last i was here for a concert was for Josh and man it was kinda packed, then again the show was at half capicity. They call it Theatre at Arrowhead Pond. I think they were trying to get at Theatre at Madison Square Garden. Now that was really nice, im thinking because it was a separate thing away from the arena and sports as i am guessing.

Got to my special VIP access thingly, away from lines and what not. Got there and recieved what i thought was my ticket. Melissa from Nederlander was really cute, and was my contact and she told me i had 2 tickets which i didnt even know. I was soo pissed. I was told by Maroon 5 publicist, Cat that i would only get one. But i knew it she was gonna be like that for whatever reason. Oh well, not like i havent covered a concert alone. Its better like that sorta.

Went in, looked at my ticket, section 102.. so i was like hmm.. it always gonna be decent. I mean i didnt pay for it, so i mean ok ya know?? but then i figured it was floor seat and a chair. Was about 15th row from the stage.. Hey floor seat are good seats, but yeah i been a little spoiled, and wanting to be closer.

I wished i was closer, there was a chick behind me who was being really annoying during The Thrills set. I was getting so annoyed. I just sucked it up and went along on my Sidekick. What was sorta funny was the dude a few seats from me, he was eating sunflower seeds and putting the shells on the floor. I mean it was all plushed carpeted and what not, but i mean cmon. Show a little class, you are in the floor section, and im sure for a reason.

Heres the funny thing, the dude left when Maroon 5 started. Whats even funnier than that? The annoying chick? She maded a “phone call” saying, “Michael Levine why arent you at your brother’s concert.” I just started laughing, either she did know him. Oh wait.. If you didnt follow, Adam Levine is the front man of Maroon 5 and im taking it that Michael is his brother. Anywho, she went on a conversation i didnt really follow much. But when she said Michael Levine bla bla, she said it really loud. I mean, it wasnt really loud since it was a break between the Thrills and Maroon 5. Anyways. Another funny thing that happened was that there was a chick behind me, mind you it was floor seats, she had her ears plugged. I mean why are you sitting there if you didnt know to get blown away?? I sure was, my ears were ringing all night after..

They got on the stage around 9ish. They were behind a curtain and the lights gave a silhouette that was projected on the curtain. The drum down beat changed colors from red, to blue to teal, to purple. It was exciting to be honest, which i wasnt expecting. Last i saw them was at Jingle Ball, but it wasnt their concert or stage, so i wasnt really impressed. Then the spotlight came down on Adam with guitar in hand. I wasnt too sure what song they came in with but im about 80 percent sure it was “Tangled.” Man the song was hella funky and so much better live. Pretty much every single song was much better live and you dont get that often.

They played song after song, rarely any breaks between the songs which is great. Nonestop great music and lights and everything. Of course there had to be some lady next to me who was to be honest quite large and was dancing nonstop. I wouldnt mind the dancing, let alone herself so much if she didnt dance like she was at woodstock as a hippe. Im not goin to explain it but im sure you can picture it.

They sung new tracks like “Wasted Years,” with a reggae sound and “I Can’t Stop Thinking About You” with an 80’s keyboard sound. Cant wait to hear the studio version of the tracks.
“Harder to Breathe” they had the strobes all crazy and flashing and man.. I cant say enough how this show was soo off the hook. Before “This Love,” Adam made everyone get out of their seats, and i had to just look around because the light was shining on everyone. It must be an incredible feeling to see about 2000 eyes well double that, cheering and screaming for you. Everyone sang in unison to the chrous of “This love.”
Check out a lil video i took of “This Love”
All and all i loved the show. I loved it so much i might go see them in Vegas on 11th of June at MGM. I got this incredible high from the show and want it back!! haha..

Maroon 5 is a bonafide rock band, lets hope the sophmore effort is the same as the freshman

Maroon 5 – This Love Live
Sunday May 8th, 2005
Arrowhead Pond Anaheim, CA

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