effin BEAUTIFUL SOUL!! continued…

Im gonna give a cliff notes on the Saturday..
Audition at 1:00. Got ready for it and put on a blazer. Dude it was hella hot but i had to dress the part for this job. Got there, and stood around most of the time. Got a comment that i should be hired when i pointed a gentlemen to the fitting room and told him i was interviewing.
Doug, this asian dude where my friend said he had a little queer vibe was trying to start some conversation with me. He asked me what shirt i was wearing and i hesitated because i didnt want to say because i could ruin my chances to get this job, however i just gave it a second and said Versace..
Met Sandy who is one of the managers and im sorry but she had a really low cut shirt, and im sure you guys know how that story ends, well rather 2 story ends.. cough.. anywho..
Watched a video, i thought i had the retail thing pat however, at Express its more hands on and zoned. Its good that its zone, so that you only deal with your certain area. I am used to running around a store to help customers.
They then threw us on the floor. To do customer service. Did it, done it. Was whatevers, what i didnt get the hang of and what they want is that if you direct a customer to the fitting room you gotta get there name and then you get on the mic and tell whoever is in the fitting room that “Billy Jo,” or “Sally Sue” was heading back there. It was really brief.
Then off to the fitting rooms. Haha.. good times. i remember when i had fitting room duty for Sirens. Im telling you, the pros weigh out the cons. Pro, chicks asking for your opinion on clothes, con.. putting back the clothes they dont want. Another thing with that is that if they dont like the size, you get on the mic and get another one for them. So pretty much a full service type thing. Ok the chick i was there with was Tracy and she seem pretty fly but she went on break after like 5 mins.. then her replacement… The chick i noticed the night before, and wow… She was honestly hella bomb. She had the elegant casual business type dressy look. However the thing is, her hair was up. Im not a big fan of the hair up, well i mean her hair wasnt down, it was like in a ponytail. She was hot no doubt, i wonder how old she could be though. I would say around my age, but man she had these eyes. I wanna say its like Winnie from Wonder Years but they were softer with a little Kristin Kreuk vibe. Anywho, introduced myself and that was about it. Oh her name is Veronica…For now… 🙂
Then i was then shifted to the woman’s clothing for a little bit. For about 10 mins and Sandy took me back to the back for the interview. Very simple thing, you know how i said the stories came to an end. They soo werent, we both were sitting in a chair and yeah… She would read the question and i mean it took awhile and yeah.. They were just up in my face.
The interview was a typical thing. Which i hate, about 99 percent of my jobs, ive never interviewed for. They been offered or i just got into it and thats about it. Accomplishments, something you are proud of blah blah. One that through me off was what fashion mags you read. I just answered answered GQ and Details, which i do read. But most of the magazines i read have some form of fashion like Rolling Stone, FHM, Maxim, Interview, Cargo, and Men’s Health.
After that was done, i figured i nailed the job. I leave, say whats up to Doug and i really wanted to go say bye to Veronica. Then left on home.
Went out to dinner, hit up the mall which i didnt want to. Well went straight to Lucille, hour wait. Then headed off to Old Spaggitti Factory because a friend worked there. Had food, and it was nice. After, picked up a friend, dropped one off. Chilled and thats about it..
I say it now, if i get this job, more clothes, more money, more chicks, and more Veronica…..hopefully..

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