Beautiful Soul….!!

Wow i say i had an interesting sorta long weekend. No use summarizing it. Ill just get on with it.
Went to dinner with a friend.. Headed out to PF Changs. Got there around 730 and there was a wait, just about an hour. The girl that took down my name was friggin pretty fine. She was a black chick but fair skinned with glasses. Thats all that gotta do it. The glasses. So it was about an 1 hour wait, so we headed off to the Victoria Gardens.
Of course like usual, it was pretty crowded. For whatever reason, i went into Express. Well i always go in there and try to buy something i but i always get caught up buying other things elsewhere. I saw these tight blazers that were 40 percent off and tried them on and they didnt have my size. I am 46, for now, but the biggest they had was 44 which still somewhat fit. I then decided to ask someone if they were hiring and Janette, who is one of the managers said they were. I made sure they werent doing the whole accepting application thing and i was then pointed to Doug.
Filled out an application, went to Coffee Bean to do it. Saw Cindy and i forgot the other name. Wow.. Cindy got big, the dude used to wrestle but i totally forgot his name. 3 years ago, she got pregnant, and i think they had another kid. Word of advice kids, if you live across someone you are dating or attracted to. Good luck trying to keep the sexcapades to a minimum.
Went back to give my application, notice this really pretty girl and i was told my “audition” was tomorrow. I thought to myself, wow they must need people. Audition.. aka interview, but i guess they throw you on the floor to see how you work. I didnt have a problem with this since i done retail since i was 15 until i was 19.
Headed off to PF Changs. The cute black chick was still there and she remembered my name.. ehh no bigge it was only an hour ago.. HAHA. Got seated outside. Always get the Lettace Wraps, and orange peel shrimp with brown rice. ALWAYS. Hot Sour Soup and Spanich sucked!!
Funny thing of the dinnner. There was a couple next to us. Me and my friend were chilling and it looked like another couple came and join them and the dude asked for a chair. I didnt mind, and then he asked for another, saying, “Can we have the other chair.” “I told him sure but im gonna need it back if 2 hot chicks come and wanna join us.” “He was like, well if they come, i will join you with them.” That got a few good laughs from the table and the table next to us. I mean cmon, i love cracking people up. Heres the kicker though, a few minutes later, a Hot chick came out and join them. I assume it was the daughter, but i was like.. why you holding out.. Of course i said this in my head. HAHA..
Another thing, it seem like this dude was waiting for someone 2 tables down. Then the chick came and i got the vibe it was a blind date sort of thing. But i couldnt help but notice she wasnt even paying attention to him. I dont wanna say who she was looking at, to sound all cocky or whatever. So ill end this part.. haha..
Headed back to the mall, to get some Cold Stone. Met up with my friend’s homie and these 2 chicks. 2 chicks his homie met from Myspace. All i gotta say is are you kidding me? All i gotta say, this homie was turning 21 the next day, and these girls were 16 and 17. Cmon now! Anywho, got my Cold Stone, French Vanilla and Oreos in a Love it cup.. OK.. the funny thing, i wanted Vanilla Bean, but i said French Vanilla and pointed at the Vaniia Bean. It was kinda funny, it reminded me of Dane Cook. Then there was a dude showing off. I mean he did this scoop thing that was cool. Then he started show boating and threw the whole ice cream in the air and tried to catch it and missed. The person who ordered the ice cream just gave him a dirty look.
I actually for once ever i finished a Love it. Ive never done that ever.
It was about 12 and man the Yard House had a line and it was kinda funny. That one foo that to take them girls home in La Verne and still wanted to do something. I was whatevers, but i guess we decided Hooka.
Hit up Sinbad in Glendora. I thought we were rolling to Aladdins since ive been there before. Hit up the hooka, orange flavor of course. Didnt really hit it up that much. There was a belly dancer there and man it was hot. She had this nice body and it was all shaking and such and yeah. That was nice.
Left around 1 when they were closing. There was a chick who was hitting the hooka pretty nice next too us and i thought that was kinda hot. Anywho.. Got home around 1:30 and stayed up until 3ish. Long interesting day. Was planning to go to McAllens with Pam, but yeah it was kinda late. Oh well, haha. Left her hanging again, but she was with friends so its all good… Tomorrow is gonna be interesting…

To Be Continued

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Anh Nguyen is a Los Angeles based freelance photographer. Over the past six years, he has covered various concerts, movie premieres, red carpets, parties, and events. A southern California native, Anh attended UCLA and holds a Bachelor's degree in Philosophy and a minor in Accounting. In addition to photography, he is currently pursuing his license as a CPA and hopes to go law school. Adding to his many interests, Anh also loves to cook and has worked as a line cook for Food Network's celebrity chef Scott Conant's restaurant, Scarpetta, in Beverly Hills.