Desperate Housewives are sooo rude!!

So like i usually dont go grocery shopping. I usually do when i need to get somethign to eat since there isnt nothing at home and i dont feel like going out everytime. Plus i love the chicken dinner meal at the Deli thingy at Albertsons. Anywho, all i have to rant about is that the MILFs of Rancho Cucamonga are really rude. No excuse me, no pardon me. They will just ram you… with their shopping carts that is. Get the head out of the gutter. I mean cmon, their are other people around you who is trying to shop also. At least acknowlegde them instead of just going along with your diapers and milk formula. Thats all i gotta say..
HOW RUDE!!! – Michelle Tanner – Full House

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