Note – Them pictures below of Rooney were not taken at the concert, they were taken at the The OC Viewing VIP Party/Concert with Rooney at Hard Rock Cafe Hollywood when the episode entitled “The Third Wheel,” featured them playing at a concert. I friggin left a movie premiere red carpet… Chasing Liberty for this party.. HAHA.. Good times.. on to the post…

Friday, friggin Rooney concert… it was either this or Family Guy Live, and i choose this because i bought tickets because Jovana wanted to go and the publicist behind the Family Guy Live didnt get back to me, so i didnt get free tickets to that. However i still had a chance to get tickets to Rooney for free, but i wanted a photo pass. I never been to the Glass House and wasnt sure if cameras were allowed or not.
Anywho.. all week i been trying to get in contact with whoever is in charge of Rooney. I had a contact with Geffen, who i contacted to see if i can get review tickets to Ashlee Simpson with no use. Bouncing me back and forth. I am in talks with her to get tickets to Snoop Dogg/Game, and which she told me i had already which is good. Anyways, she didnt know who is in charge of Rooney because they were an indie band until they got signed to Geffen. It was Friday and havent heard anything, so i decided to do some research and went onto the B2B, aka Business to Business intranet and digged up some press releases and it got me the name of Rooney’s publicist. Contacted him but he couldnt get a hold of their management. Deadend once again.
Headed over to the place around 8ish, after Jovana came on down. That morning, i downloaded The Floor track off of iTunes, and man that track is hella hot and i was hoping they were going to perform it. The car ride was interesting, first thing i noticed. Well actually first thing i smell was her. I like to think i know my scents, and off the bat, i was like you smell good, its Victoria Secret huh. She was like yeah, and before she could name it, i was like LOVE SPELL. How did i know?? A chick i used to date wore that, and i hated it after we stop dating, however, Michelle wore it a lot, and Michal wore it, and sometimes i think just to get a rise out of me, but whatever. I shouldnt pass judgement just because of someone wore it. It smells hella good, kinda reminded me of the Ryan Cabrera concert, i think Taylor was wearing, but then again it smelled like lots of the girls there was wearing it. Jo was talking about being a publicist and how to do it and what not. I sorta wanted to do that, but havent looked into much, i mean i deal with them everyday and i mean i can ask them whats up and what not. So im going to look more into for me and her. She can be my partner in crime in Hollywood. HAHA.
Made it to the Glass House lotta people out there and what not. She asked me no sweater or sweater. I gave her the look down and was like, definitely no sweater. 🙂 Im sorry but yeah.. Picked up my tickets at Will Call and went inside. Dude it was crowded and hella hot in there. Jovana was hungry and i was kinda feeling it, so i met up with my friend to see whats up. Nothing was really up with him. So me and her just left to Casa Jimenez. We wanted Sushi, but i didnt know the area, so we were out of luck. I hella wanted Sushi, but oh well. Just made sure we didnt get anything heavy there. Rooney wasnt going on stage until 10 and 1 act already performed and another was coming up. I think it was the Red Walls, and if i knew it was them, i woulda checked it out, but its all good.
Walked on over to the restuarant, and for some reason the door was trying to mess with us. It said use the other door and we walked around to both side of the building and there was no other door. Finally figured out the sign was retarded , went in, and the noone was there to seat us. We were there and was like what the heck?? So we walked to the back and the chick was cleaning was trippen out and i wasnt even paying attention. I mean they closed at 10, who knows.. whatever..
Dude, it was freaking hot, i was sweating like a whore in church and it sucked but oh well. Got a bucket of Coronas and was looking for somethign to share. This place doesnt have nachos listed. Like chips and all the stuff. It had to be speical order and i was like wtf?? But got it though. The waitress was a lot nicer than the chick that seated us. Anyways, tried to work up a buzz and it was nice. Jovana was hella sorta buzzed too.
Finished around 10ish and headed over back to the Glass House. Got inside and of course it was still hella hot as hell. Tried to make our way to the front and Rooney hit the stage. They are hella tight. Played new tracks from the upcoming cd comign out soon. There was these 2 people who were like jumping around loud which is what is suppose to happen, but man do i get stuck with them everywhere i go. Good thing they left. I noticed this chick who was standing where they jumpers were standing. He was pretty cute, i dont know why but i noticed the earrings, well i know why but yeah. Nice earrings.. but yeah..
Rooney was soo tight, they are great live. They have improved so bad, and there sound is so uncanny. It was great finally seeing do a whole set. Jovana said she was gonna rock out when Shakin’ was going to be performed. Man we were rocking out. You know whats gay though? Me and her were the only one doing the cell phone lighter. You know instead of a lighter, you use your cell phone. I so could tell this wasnt an LA crowd because i didnt see anyone with a Sidekick but me.
It wasnt until the encore song, Simply Because where it turned in to a rock show. We moved to the balanocy, man, people were jumping on stage and stage diving and what not.. It was crazy… i am surprised a mosh pit didnt break out. Night was all good, next stop is Rob Thomas with Jovana, if i get my passes, but it aint no thing, cuz the same person who handles Ryan Cabrera, handles Rob…
You don’t know me so well
I think you know that now
I’m unbreakable
There’s no need for fragile stickers
You’re too young for me
But I can keep a secret
I’m in total control
Of the situation
Bow down Daisy Duke


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