Update: Wango Tango 2005!!

Its that time again.. KIIS FM annual super concert bash!! I knew the date and place before they officially did. Now, the acts, that is top secret info and Ryan Seacrest will be announcing them starting Monday, one by one. However, i am going to make my predicitions and reasons why.. I will try to confirm them with my sources as soon as i can.. Wango Tango usually draws in about 16 acts..Gonna be hard to predict.. Of course, im going to this, i mean cmon.. its a given… anyways… Now on to the predictions…
Ryan Cabrera A fan favorite and always does shows for KIIS FM. He has a big gap from one show to another during those days. I think it is a week. So ill say Ryan.
Jesse Mccartney His song “Beautiful Soul” is on rotation nonstop and hasnt done any shows.. He has been doing mall tours and what not. Heard he did a Hollister Lounge 22 concert, only ones invited were people who spend money on the clothes in their club.. uhh.. did i go? no.. could i have? yes.. hollister club member? hell no.. surprised? yes because i live in rancho and we have a hollister now.. whatever..
Kelly Clarkson Another KIIS favorite, and Ryan Seacrest always plays “Since You Been Gone.” I guess its good to know a KIIS FM DJ especially if he hosted the show where you won your stardom. Nonetheless, the cd is great! Listen to it lots… Also she is in town doin the Wiltern a few days later….
Frankie J & Baby Bash – They performed at the 2003 JoJo Jam, also a favorite of JoJo. The song “Obsession” is burning up the charts. Number one for a few weeks on iTunes. Not really a major act, but you need a few of those before you get to the heavy hitters.
Lindsay Lohan – Havent seen her performed much out there since her album “Speak” was released. But if i know KIIS FM as well as i know, this will be a form of publicity for KIIS, so they will do whatever it takes to get her there and perform 2 songs.
Paris Hilton – Thats RANDOM!! Well, just for kicks, and most likely the concert will be taped for a FOX concert special, and the appearance will give it some HOTTNESS?. She may even premiere a song off her upcoming cd.
Omarion – Not to be racial, but they gotta hit upon R&B, Rock, and what not. He will be a good addition to the bunch.. have the cd, but havent listened to it yet, but i guess its cool.. adding to the theme….
Akon – Hate the song, but KIIS listeners love it. All i gotta say there..
Ciara – Again going with the flava, her she gots 3 singles out, and thats pretty much the set for each artist.
The Killers Now for the rock bands.. I wouldnt think they would play this type of venue but you never know. Avalon Attractions produces Wango Tango and is promoting their tour as far as i know.
Maroon 5 They are currently on tour, they did Jingle Ball, but maybe another show. However, i kinda doubt it. They are in Anahiem on the 8th, and the show is a week after. Maybe a break? But if they have other dates passed it, then i doubt it, however it would be nice to see them again.
Will Smith – Switch is a hot hit. Also will bring in some star power….
Gwen Stefani – Surprised performer at 04 Jingle Ball, i would say it will be nice to have her on the line up.
Backstreet Boys – Yes yes, sadly i dont want to put them up on my predications and all but their new single is out and cd on the way. Lets just not hope this happens, but im just guessing.
a Random American Idol.. im sorry but im sure theres gonna be a few.

Wango my TANGO!!!!

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