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Ryan Cabrera hits Los Angeles for the 3rd time on tour. Finally get a chance to see him, because the first time was at Jojo Jam. Barely saw him due to many reason but i did catch “True.” I knew i was going to like song, and the second time was at Steve Harvey’s Big Time. That was interesting, and recently was at Wiltern LG.
I already had tickets in the works, but i got them confirmed the day of. Headed down to Los Angeles and driving on Wilshire. I was like this looks totally familar, this was the stupid directions someone gave me to get to UCLA. Not even close!

Got there right around 7 and got my tickets at Will Call. There was a group of people in front of me and i noticed the girl. I couldnt put my finger on it, but she look totally familar. It wasnt until i got inside and went to stand somewhere and she was behind me when i put it together. It was TAYLOR COLE!! She stars on Summerland with Jesse Mccartney and Lori Loughlin. I had to think really hard why she was there, and it dawned on me. She was in Ryan’s “True” music video, and she is also a fan. I’m told she was in his show at the House of Blues back in November. She was checking out Bonnie Mckee, however i totally lost her during Ryan’s set, but then again i was in the photo pit. All i have to say is that she is stunning, and looks sooo much better in person, and she has this pouty face she does and man… i could friggin melt….
Since i got there right at 7, i missed the call time to get escorted to the photo section. I tried to find someone who could help me, but it was pointless. So i went down as far as i could. Enjoy Bonnie as much as i could while taking pictures like a mad man with a crappy 3.2 megapixel Canon Digital Elph. This camera is perfect for point and shoot, but for distant photos, its just horrible. Zoom sucks and man.. i dont know, but im saving up for a Digital SLR, 8 megapixels and a better zoom.
Bonnie was looking pretty way hot and what not. I couldnt stay in one spot the whole night and just walked all over the place. For some reason my head turned and i caught the eyes with someone. Someone for almost exactly one month ago, we decided we will not talk anymore. Said our goodbyes and went on with it. It totally shocked me, like i was taken back and i thought i stopped but the momenteum of my body kept on moving me. It was a split second, but still. I was like.. uhh what is she doing here. So i proceeded to the bar, got a drink to take some egde off and went on my merry way. Its all bout the pineapple juice and rum!! I wasnt too sure if it was her or not, but she confirmed it a few days ago when she contacted me about it. Thats all that will be said about that… for now.. back to Mr. Cabrera. Well one more thing, this contact was suppose to happen uhhh like a few years down the line, not like exactly a month after… but.. yeah.. rambling…and if you know what im talking about, do not even ask me about it. I will get a little peeved…
Ryan hit the stage at 7:50 and i had to leave to meet up with my press escort. Went out to the lobby and noticed there was way trendy people there, but its Los Angeles, what ya gonna do?? I met up with the girl, from Avalon, her name was Lennora. I just gave her my info and she check me off and we just started chatting. I dont know why, but man it seemed like we knew each other forever. Just joking it all up, and just messing around. It was tight, the other press people were what it seems looking at me weird. I was like, whatever.. Lennora goes on to tell me about how she sell outs shows, and stuff and i thought that was really tight. I asked about Wango Tango, and she didnt tell me anything. She told me she cant say anything for another 2 weeks. But i caught wind that it was May 14th, and at the Anaheim Stadium. She neither confirmed or denyed my info. All she said is that, “You know what ups already, im just not going to say anything.”
Time, to walk us to the front of the Wiltern Theatre and get in position. We were about 15 feet from the stage on the handicap ramp. I had the whole ramp to run around and take photos and it was elevated which was great because it was over the audience who were in the pit. Lennora was chillin at the end of the ramp standing alone and i was like girl you needa chill up here. She came up all saying im working. But she chilled it out and gave me some heads up on some of the other press people there and told me a little about the dvd. See, the show was being taped for his upcoming concert DVD. So cant wait to check that out.
Homeboy came out with a toy accordian. I was like this fool, however it was funny nonetheless. Song went right into “Lets Take Our Time,” and i was just taking pictures left and right. I was so busy doing that, that i didnt even remember the first song until the next day, i racked my brain and figured it out. My friend was going to the Diego show and i told him to remember the song. He text me “Exit to Exit,” and i started laughing, i knew this foo wouldnt know his songs, but he was going anyways. HAHA. i got a few words but i aint going to say anything. Mums the word..
“Shame on me,” i love this song and its so funny. When i heard this song back in November, i couldnt stopped laughing, because its sooo true. I also cant believe the cd came out in Novemeber, thats about like 5 and half months ago and it seem like so long ago.

Funniest thing, this foo started singing and dancing to Paula Abdul “Straight Up.” Man, the 80s were nice.. hahaha.. the dance was hilarious. Also you can tell he has watched Napoleon Dynamite. Reciting lines and doing the hand bird show.. Shout out to the homie Efren Ramierez.. aka Pedro.. VOTE FOR PEDRO!!! Homie i hope you got a car finally, so people dont gotta pick your ass up to party in Rancho!!
Totally loved the cover of Paul Simon’s, “You Can Call Me Al.” Nice upbeat song and great pick. Wasnt too sure if the audience even knew the song. ehh.. What you going to do??
I would wanna comment about when he sung the song “She’s.” But im just not going to go there. Explaining the last song “On the Way Down,” it was left open for interpation for the general masses, but it was written as what you would say a Christian song. “One the way down,i saw you, and you saved me from my self, and i wont forget the way you loved me.” It can be open, but a Christian song all the way, no surprised, he lived with Joe Simpson for a few years after he discovered him. Joe Simpson, the mastermind behind his two daughters, Jessica and Ashlee. Joe gave up being a pastor for being a manager. hmmm.. anyways.. Another song on the album that is Christian based is “Take It All Away.”
Anyways.. left after he performed “On the Way Down.” I had a feeling he was going to do an encore. “True” and “Exit to Exit” were the songs, which is no big deal. Heard he played the drums again, and thats all dandy.. Ill just wait for the DVD, and check it all out.. Got a high from the show and wanted to go to diego and go check it out the next day.. but time issues.. All and all, he is a great performer and looks like a cool dude to chill with. I will indeed check out another concert if he is in town and i can get hooked up again with some free tickets!!



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