Trendy Sushi soo doesnt rock…

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GEISHA HOUSE provides a sexy dining experience that titillates the senses, beginning with the palate and continuing from there…
While most sushi restaurants tend to ignore or hide from Japan’s rich sexual history… GEISHA HOUSE embraces it.

Oh, that they do. They embrace the sexual history with having the house DJ spin music in a see through Japanese inspired dress with her wearing under nothing but a thong and bra. If this is how the Japanese live, I think im turning Japanese, i think im turning Japanese…. :p
At first glance,the restaurant, it doesn’t look like much. You do see the famous Geisha powdered face with the red lips at the corner of Hollywood and Cherokee. When walking to the entrance that is off of Cherokee, it looks like you are walking through an exclusive Hollywood club with the curtain over the door which you would think would reveal a man of stature in a black suit, sunglasses and an ear piece mic. However, no such guy was appeared. Maybe it was not a busy day since it was in the middle of the week. The walk away to the hostess is filled with red lights and mirrors that give you that illusion you are walking down a long hall.

When you actually step foot in the restaurant, you are instantly drawn to the bar. The bar with all its lights and television screens in what looks like its embedded into the wall, normally playing Japanese anime. Immediately across from the bar is what you would call the “trendy Hollywooders.” You know, the little cliques you have in High School. Well this area is where the hip, happening hang out with their 10 dollar Martini and drink them without a car in the world.

So i get seated in where it looks at an obscure location to have a table. Right at the entrance of the stairs to the upper level of the restaurant and next to one of the decored what looks like a private booth as you see in the picture above. The music was a weird blend of today’s rock bands such as Modest Mouse and the Killers with the dance tracks of the 90s.
Service was excellent as you would expect from a restaurant from The Dolce Group. However the food may not be equal among them. I am a huge fan of Dolce, wonderful food, great vibe and good times. Im am not too easy to say that about Geisha House. Ive eaten at many Sushi places and the sushi here left me rather longing for something else. I ordered what i would usually get at any sushi joint, unagi which is fresh water eel, anything with avocado, and anything with tempura or is crunchy. The menu did indeed offer what i wanted, a Hollywood roll with crab or shrimp tempura, i cannot recall. Also got an eel and avocado roll.
I will have to say the sushi wasn’t on par with restaurants like Kabuki or even my new favorite place Sakana in Upland. Portions were quite minimal which is sort of amusing in a town that likes to be flashy and big and better. Sushi had way too much rice and not enough eel, avocado and even shrimp. I had a taste of the shrimp sushi which was more of the same. I found it odd that the sushi i was eating was from Genichi “Gen” Mizoguchi. He comes from a line of famous Sushi chef back in Toyko. Gen has even mastered the art of blowfish. After eating the sushi, i wished i had the blowfish so that i could gamble my life with a poisonious fish rather than eat more of the sushi. I will however give him a little slack since i did not ask if he was the one preparing the sushi. Only thing i really enjoyed was the Edamame which are the steamed soy beans and had a taste of the tempura. You cannot mess up tempura.
The only thing that kept me not hating the food and giving my thoughts to the chef was the vibe and the chicks. The backdrop to the smoking area was nicely lighted with the skyline of Tokyo. Serveral people especially girls were heading back to the smoking area, which made me wished i smoke so i can go out there and start some casual conversation with that girl…
Bottomline, i love the restaurant and everything, but you cant love it that much if the food isnt up to expectations or decent taste. I can see myself hanging out here and chillaxin at the bar and such. As for dining, i will give it a few more chances and see what else the place has to offer..
Girls, sushi, and rock and roll!!!

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