“Be Cool” with Misha Barton….

Saturday.. headed out to Hollywood for what i believed was some fashion show type thing. I got the invite, i RSVPed. Wasnt too sure what whats really going on but i thought it would be cool if Misha Barton was hosting the whole deal. She is the spokesperson for Keds. Keds has this whole campaign around her entitled, “Be Cool.” I heard a lot about it, but not really into the shoes personally, more of a chick thing.
Well my hair was hella long and i got a haircut thingy. Didnt feel like asking my mom for the haircut, half of you people know why but yeah. One of my co corkers had a friend who knows a friend and blah blah. So i get my haircut, took like a friggin hour. Was the only dude there, and yeah.. My mom has cut my hair since i was little except the time in 90 where i got this coupon for a free haircut at fantastic sams and got a mo hawk. No judgments! It was the 90s.. haha.. Kid and Play, you know that stuff. HAHA.. And the few times the family wanted to experiment with my dang hair. Anyways, the hair came out ok.. but… i havent been able to spike my hair for a few years now. I think i had it spiked in Conneticuit when i was living there and when i came back it could not be spiked anymore. I dont even care now. I dont even use gel anymore but i dont know.. After this haircut, i am rocking a messy spiked look and i guess its all good..
I left for LA at 5:30, hella hella late. I had to be at this LOST thing at 6:30 but i didnt make it. I didnt get there until 7:00. Then i proceeded to drive up and down Hollywood and Sunset. I had to find a ATM and i did. The Misha Barton party thing didnt start until 8:00, so it was all good. Man, does Hollywood get crowded on the weekends. I am usually not down there on the weekend driving around. Usually in some club or at some event. Anyways..
Gotta set it up. So earlier in the day, i was watching Powergirls on MTV. About Lizzie Grubman’s PR firm and what not. The first episode, they were putting on the event to open Ruby Falls. They had the red carpet, people in front with the clipboards and what not. Then one of the PR chicks, said its about how you have to keep the wrong people out and let the right people in and have to turn away lots of people. That got me thinking, i bet anything it will happen to me.

So i show up at Day After, this ultra trendy and as far as i know invite only club right off of Hollywood and Highland. Show up at the door and do the usual tell them my name and show id to get a stamp or wrist band for the bar. My name isnt on the damn list. I was gonna get so crazy, i was like do you know who i am?? I told her i spoke to Suzanne who was the PR girl on this event, and funny how the person i was talking to was Suzanne. Ok before i go on, this girl had one too many plastic surgery jobs. Her lips were a little too big and her faced looked a little too pulled back, but what can i say?? its friggin Hollywood. Anyways. Had the whole thing settled and made my way into the club. Got a drink, open bar, gotta love it.
Hung out for a bit, this pace was really nice. I mean it was above Hollywood, you see the streets from the windows. It was a really nice place, it had its areas and rooms. It was pretty rad, they had an area for the press photos and what not. You know with the backdrop and such. Misha showed up and was wearing something hella funky like some little girl would wear. I havent seen or talked to her since my last red carpet movie premiere thing, which was sooo long ago. Why? im not going to get into that right now. But it was nice to see her again. Very very posh people in Hollywood. I have been out of the loop and man, but yeah it was hella nice there. Hot Hot people, and there was this one chick who.. really had a pretty big rack that didnt look right. Like im sure they were real but man.. again whats even funny. Ive seen her somewhere but yeah. Misha introduced Trespassers William, they were a pretty good band. Kinda reminded me of Zero 7. I chilled in the front with Misha, who was with her boyfriend i think. Havent kept tracked of her for awhile, so i am not really sure. She is sure looking cuter from the last i’ve seen her.
But it was a pretty tight party type deal. Free drinks is all i got to say, and party people. I wasnt really scoping out the people but i think i noticed Sara Rue from Less Than Perfect. She lost some weight and is looking pretty foxy. Oh if you are wondering if i took any pictures, its not that type of deal. Guestlist only and what not. I tend not to get autographs when i do other events. Its so… dont know whats the word but yeah. I did take a picture with my camera phone when no one was looking and where no one was for a split moment. It was of the stairs. It look really cool to me and yeah.. here ya go..
All and all, it was a good night. Back to my city which i will be coming back on Tuesday and Thursday. Cant wait for those days and the drive. HURRAY!!
Getting back into the mix, one party at a time

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