Google Strikes again..

Google evenyone’s favorite browser to search for legal sorts such as your favorite singer, actor or researching things to school to the illegal sorts of downloading mp3s, downloading movies, pretty much downloading anything. You may also want to know that job employeers and even your college admissions officer may even try a Google of you. However you can also commit the most violating and illegal act you can do, identity theft.
You may or may not know, but Google has functionalty of searching for images, news, deals, their own email client GMAIL and even their new feature Google Maps. But what you might not know is that you can search for phone numbers. Yes phone numbers. If you put in a phone number, you can get a a result of an address and they will even map it out for you and give you directions to that very phone number. I have tried this and right now it looks like its land line phone numbers. So you might want to think twice about giving out your house number if you think the person you are giving it to is a little effiy. Go ahead and Google your number..
Google…helping us?? or hurting us??


About Anh Nguyen

Anh Nguyen is a Los Angeles based freelance photographer. Over the past six years, he has covered various concerts, movie premieres, red carpets, parties, and events. A southern California native, Anh attended UCLA and holds a Bachelor's degree in Philosophy and a minor in Accounting. In addition to photography, he is currently pursuing his license as a CPA and hopes to go law school. Adding to his many interests, Anh also loves to cook and has worked as a line cook for Food Network's celebrity chef Scott Conant's restaurant, Scarpetta, in Beverly Hills.