That is so not HOT!

Paris Hilton. You either love her or you dont. Most of the general public does not for whatever reason. From either not liking her because she is famous for no reason but her being party animal or her infamous sex tape. Anyway you want to put it, shes out there, shes famous, and yes she is overrated, but you hear about her alot because the people want to hear about it no matter how much you disklike her, shes here to stay.
If you have not heard, the T-Mobile Spokesperson had her T-Mobile Sidekick account has been hacked and all her notes, address book, and photos were put online last weekend. If you dont have a T-Mobile Sidekick, the phone is synced with the T-Mobile Servers and you can access all your info on the web throught T-Mobile. I use this function often when i dont have my Sidekick on me, and i need to check phone numbers, emails and so on.
Im sure the first thing you might have been thinking was that, oh her addressbook with all her phone numbers, what famous people would she have on it. It ranges from a famous controversal white rapper to a diirrry pop singer soon to be married and everyone in between. I find it so annoying and unfair to Paris and the people in her phonebook that someone would hack it and put it all over the internet. Changing phone numbers is hard enough already. I am trying to deal with two cell phone accounts and thats already hard. Think about the people on her phonebook who have to update numbers and tell everyone the new numbers. Thats just utterty bullshit. Ive read people tried and call a few numbers where they had full voicemails, not surprised at all. I am connected to Paris and most of the people on her last by minimal of 1 degree of separation and 3 at the most.
However, i found a few things odd. Her photos on her Sidekick that were taken off. She has a few with her topless and one with her kissing another girl. I find that sorta odd to have on your phone but then again, i have a bunch of random images on my phone i wouldnt like to share to the general public. Then certain notes in her notepad were really odd. The one i found odd, said… Tell Ken that Jess wants to bone JT. Took me a second to translate it but i believe Ken is referring to Nick Lachey and Jess is Jessica Simpson. Of course JT is Justin Timberlake. I recall Jessica saying something about Justin is cute or whatever. I dont know. I will talk to my contact about this and see whats up. If i will report this to you guys, i will still have to see.
One last thing i found that totally sucks is that her voicemail was hacked. Whoever did it, used somethign call CALLER ID SPOOFING. That is where you can call to a gateway and then dial whatever number you want with whatever caller id number you want. So i can call your cell phone from my phone and put in the number like it was your mom or smething and you would believe your mom is calling because that is what is going to show up on your phone. If you are wondering if i can do this, yes i can. I can call your phone and make it think it was someone you dont like or perhaps like. Anyways, the problem here. T-Mobile and Sprint do not make you put in your password to access your voicemail. It assumes you are calling from your handset and puts your right though your voicemail. The actual recording of her voicemail is floating around the internet which i got my hands on, however do to my own convictions about my friends friend. I will not have it here avalible to download.
As i am listening to her voicemail, of course the mailbox is full. But what i noticed, a lot of effin retards calling and leaving messages thinking it is funny, but what is even more hilarious is that they leave their phone numbers thinking she would call. So they put their numbers on her voicemail which has been hacked, so a few million people have your cell phone number and can fuck with you and most likely hack your shit too. Listening to more mesasge, she is the jet setting girl you know and love, and an A-lister.
Bottomline that hella sucks. The FBI is indeed getting into this matter. They already caught one hacker messing around with T-Mobile servers and found out other people were in it for months at a time without T-Mobile even noticing. Thats sorta scary because i do have “important” numbers from “important” people and i have notes i wouldnt want people knowing i wrote and photos that arent meant for public view. Yall know i pretty much share everything and think about the shit i wouldnt want out there. Totolly sucks.
I still love my Sidekick and soon to be Sidekick II

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