Mr. Groban returns to the Oscar stage.

The Oscars are this weekend. The biggest showing of celebrites in one place at one time. The attendees are getting ready by finding that perfect dress or suit and getting pampered like royalty. I, myself have an Oscar party to attend to and have to get ready myself. Anyways, while everyone done what they do to get ready, Josh Groban is rehearsing for his perfomance on Oscar night.
Feeling under the weather this week, he will be performing “Believe” from The Polar Express with Beyonce. That will be a very interesting performnace to watch. Oscar night is also Groban’s 24th birthday, will he be celebrating at an Oscar after-party. That will be left to see, however i believe the song will win the Oscar for Best Song and hes going to have to show off the Oscar at the parties. However im sure the writers will be have dibs. I will have my Oscar picks later on today. Be sure to watch the Oscars or at least his performance Sunday February 27th on ABC 8:00PM.

Josh Groban, song writer Glen Ballard and producer of the 77th Academy Awards Gil Cates listen to Groban’s recording of the song the Oscar nominated song ‘Believe’ from the film ‘Polar Express’ with singer Beyonce Knowles at Capitol Recording Studios in Los Angeles Ballard co-wrote the song with Alan Silvestri. Photo taken 2/21/2005. Click for larger image
Straight from Gil Cates’ blog, producer of 77th Academy Awards:

Later in the day, I spent several hours at a musical recording session with some of the performers of the Oscar nominated songs. After listening to Beyonce, Josh Groban, Antonio Banderas and Carlos Santana fine tune their performances with the full Oscar orchestra conducted by Bill Conti, I am more confident than ever that the live musical performances will be a highlight of this year’s Oscars.

Some FYI for yall… from Rolling Stone.

40. Josh Groban
ON THE ROAD The operatic balladeer played seventy-five dates, performing before an average of 7,000 fans a night.
ON CD 3.7 million units sold.
ON THE SIDE He took in Hollywood cash for tunes featured in The Polar Express and Troy, and he sold 500,000 copies of his two concert DVDs.
Last year’s rank: NA

Yeah about half of that came from me. HAHAHA..
Believe in what your heart is saying……You have everything you need, if you just believe.

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