The Worth of Friendship.

It has been a week since Valentines. The ultimate Hallmark holiday, but its always nice to spend the day with someone, doesnt matter who. Just the idea of hangin with someone cool. Ok thats just the intro into whatever i have to say. So yeah. I sent some friends some flowers. They were some really nice flowers, multicolored roses with a box of chocolate and such. However the thing was i ordered them when the person i was sending it to and i were on somewhat good terms. I had this perfect quote i felt at the time, it was so perfect but ill talk about that in a bit.
Anyways, the closer it got to Valentines, the more things just fell apart and things just were what you would say? wack? Who knows. Yeah yeah i know, i promised an entry about it all but to be honest my thoughts are not clear and cut and i just pretty much ramble and what not. If you know my password, i wrote a few things and its sitting around on my website. Anyways. Bottomline? i pretty much decided to end the friendship because i wasnt happy anymore. After i decided that, i looked back on the whole thing and i had an epiffany, which im dont want to talk about at the moment, but to summarize? I knew what i was getting into, and i totally tried to stop it. Tried to stop it sooo many times, but i was promised things and what not and yeah. but thats about it for now.
Ok, now here comes the funny part and if you believe in karma or fate then heres a good read. Valentines came around and i assume the flowers were delivered since i sent flowers before but with a local florist who didnt seem to have a problem finding the address and what not. So i assume the address i gave them was correct and used that when ordering the flowers through To be honest, i wanted to canceled them because i didnt want to be giving the wrong idea at all and see if i can get what i spend on them credited back. It would kick start my saving the money thing. It seem like it would have been too much trouble so i just let it be. Anyways.
The next day, i got a call saying the flowers werent delivered due to the incorrect address. I tried to call 1800flowers and they were hella busy. Then i found out fedex were the one to deliver it but it was pretty much pointless because i didnt know the correct address, so i didnt bother with it.
At this point, i was thinking again, should i even bother? I mean its kinda and pretty much pointless. But again, its already been paid for and yeah.
Wednesday comes, and i give them whatever address i think it is. Well first i call Fed Ex to give them the “correct” address and they tell me that the package was told to be destroyed. I was thinking what the fuck? i didnt drop 50 bones on it for nothing. I hit up 1800flowers and they said it wasnt destroyed and gave them whatever address i thought it was, but not without being on hold for 20 mins. So i thought to myself, thats done. Whatever.
Oh its not over. I get a call on Friday. Wrong address yet again. At this point i was pretty much peeved as fuck. I just said screw it, gave them the house number and have them call the house and hopefully someone is there and gives them the correct address. Saturday comes around, i go on the Fedex tracking and found something rather odd. Heres what it said:
8:48 – Left Fedex Facility
8:52 – At Fedex Facility
I thought that was hella hella odd. But whatever. I am over it. She either got it or not. We all know i am on an allowance, so i go to my online banking and move some funds around for shopping and lunch. I noticed that i got an extra 50 bucks and some odd dollars and change. So i figure it didnt get delivered which is a good thing and i got my money back. So what i wanted happened. But the thing is, was it some sort of sign? haha. making sure that these flowers dont get delivered? who knows. i am not really trying to think too hard about it. What i am thinking hard about is with the 50 bucks added to my allowance, when can i get my Chucks? haha.
Now to what i wrote on the card. I ran across this quote and felt so strongly about it at the time. Keyword… at the time.

“No distance of place or lapse of time can lessen the friendship of those who are thoroughly persuaded of each other’s worth.”

At the time, im not sure but i decided to take a break from the relationship because my head wasnt in the right place and i dont think hers was either. So im sitting around going through my day wondering how it could go back to how it was or something like that. But when i would see whats up with her, she would say things like she hasnt given it much thought and it hasnt crossed her mind and such. Here i am agnozing about it and to be honest i didnt want to anymore. Thats why i decided to take the break, so at least something can be in my terms, i can control some aspect of something.
As the quote says, no distance or amount of time can a friendship lose its value if both person know of each others worth in the relationship. WOW. I mean can this be true? can this be real? Im sorry Nsync song, haha. but yeah, if this is true then whenever our break is done or whatever, we can go back to how it was. At a certain point, im not going to lie, i needed this person. I needed her like a fat kid needs cake. hahahaa.. you know what im saying. At a certain point, she told me she needed me. However with recent things that have been happening, and her stepping all over my feelings, the feelings she doesnt know about only because i choose not to share most of it. I just dont know where i am at anymore. I want to value our friendship again, i mean. It was really nice, and our Vegas trip would have been really nice. I had so many things planned. I had an amazing dinner with a breath taking view, a trip to a chocolate factory, yes a chocolate factory, a Monet art exhibit, a folick in beautiful conservatory, with a nice limo down the strip goin back to a funny conversation we had on our first date and of course Josh Groban. Right now, none of that will happen, well a lot on my part will. I am still goin, im not goin to give up a trip because the person i was suppose to go with, dont know what its at right now. Well i do, its pretty much over. On my terms. I dont know how i feel, i wish i did. But i dont. I usually know but now i dont. Im not worried, ill have a fun time and then i can go back to saving my money. But yea, listen to that quote. Thats something i will preach but wont practice, because i dont believe in friendship much, lost faith in that a long time ago, and i think i lost it much more permanetly recently.
Only person i can trust is the person i see in the mirror


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