PF Changs Rancho Cucamonga Victoria Gardens.

Finally. Our little downtown we call Victoria Gardens has open its PF Changs. Hurray. No more driving out to Pasadena or Irvine to enjoy some pretty damn good chineseish bistro food.
I had lunch over there today with a friend because i been meaning to hit this place up all week, however lack of transportation made that kinda hard.
First thing i noticed, it was hella hella smaller than the other ones. Ok i lied, the first thing i noticed was the hostess. She was fione! Very nice hair and i have to admit but ever since someone brought earrings to my attention, ive been noticing them more often on chicks and such and she had some nice earrings. But she was hella cute. Anyways, when we got seated, i noticed all the damn tables pretty close to each other and man does that really kill the mood you usually get from other PF Changs. Granted Pasadena and Irvine had tables fairly adjacent to other however there were pillars and such in the way to limit the line of sight. Anyhow that didnt matter much when the hostess came in the dining room, it was very nice thing, everytime she came to sit other guest down.
Of course, EVERYWHERE i go, i see the homies. Caught a few people i know working there. It was hella cool and such to see them like always, but the typical small talk commenced.
Got the usually appetizers, lettuce wraps and crab wontons. Decided to try something else for the main dish and got orange peel beef with brown rice. Thats my new thing!! Brown rice. You heard it here first. I been eating brown rice for about 2 months because white rice isnt as nutritious as the brown and brown has a crunch and texture that isnt the norm for me, since i been growing up with the white rice for 20ish years. We got hooked up with Orange Peel Shrimp. So nice. Everytime i got to this restaurant i get something free and shit. Its wonderful.
Lunch was really nice. Service was really good. Most def i am coming back. its inexpensive. 35 bucks and it was split which was even better. The person i ate with fucked up my fortune cookie. She handed me one which you dont do. I went for the other one and she touched my fortune so i couldnt even eat it. The waiter was watching us and he even knew whats up. Saying she had no fortune cookie etiquette. Yes there is etiquette when you open a fortune cookie. So she got a good fortune but she decided to open mine which pretty much negates her. The one she fucked up was the total opposite from the good one. It was funny, i dont know what it said because i didnt want to hear it but yeah.
Split bill came to like 17 bucks and her CHEAP ass didnt want to tip so i tipped an even 13 bucks. which was 75 percent of my 17 and 37 percent of the 35. I ALWAYS try to tip 20 percent at these kinds of places because i enjoy the food and want good service next time. Plus i tipped horrible once when i had dinner at California Pizza Kitchen. it was like 1 percent, maybe that even that. I felt so bad, if i knew i wasnt going to watch a movie after then i would have tipped more but yeah.
PF Changs, great food, great service, great looking hostess however layout kinda sucks.
Trendy Chinese food ROCKS!

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