Hit me up on the 2 way yo!

Its that time of the year. My contract is up on my cell phones, and its time to get another one. Cingular gives me a discount, the same discount they give to new customers which is a good thing. T Mobile who is hella wack doesnt give you any good deal at all and rebates here and there but i dont know. I really want the sidekick II
i been wanting it before it came out, i wished i got the special deal they gave to customers. Anyways at the moment its 320 dollars which is pretty steep for me at the moment. However i need to get it soon because im going back to work in Los Angeles doing my events, and its all about your clothes and what you own and shit. So yeah, i gotta hang with my peers. I’ve had the Sidekick I for over a year and yeah. So once i get the Sidekick II and you have T-Mobile and want the Sidekick I, ill give it to ya for 50 or 100 bucks or whatever.
Cingular, i wanted this phone. the Sony Ericsson Z500a. It has a camera with a 4x zoom and a VGA Video Camera. Its a flip phone also and i assume it has bluetooth. Why do i need Bluetooth? I dont really need it but where my house is located. I have horrible reception so i use my bluetooth headset to talk and its wireless and its just better to talk on especially when i use it for hours. I was about to buy the phone today. I went to the Cingular store and they didnt let me get it because i wasnt an authorized user on the account because its under my dad and my credit sucks balls and yeah. Good thing they didnt, i assumed it had bluetooth and i was told it had it, so i would have made a purchase i dont think i could have returned. The price is a steal however, 50 bucks after rebate. That hella nice for a phone that retails for about 180.
However i came across another phone, this one is hella sweet. 1.3 megapixel phone and other stuff and looks nice, but its too bulky, and with my sidekick. Thats not goin to be a nice thing. so i might have to just settle for the Z500a, its said to have good reception, so maybe i can chill with that or something. Ill switch phones when i needa get up on the Bluetooth. I dont want be to spending more on a phone with Cingular since i dont use much of their service. I doing a hella good job saving my money huh??
I love my effin toys


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Anh Nguyen is a Los Angeles based freelance photographer. Over the past six years, he has covered various concerts, movie premieres, red carpets, parties, and events. A southern California native, Anh attended UCLA and holds a Bachelor's degree in Philosophy and a minor in Accounting. In addition to photography, he is currently pursuing his license as a CPA and hopes to go law school. Adding to his many interests, Anh also loves to cook and has worked as a line cook for Food Network's celebrity chef Scott Conant's restaurant, Scarpetta, in Beverly Hills.