Update: Grammys 2005

So just watching the preshow stuff on E! and MTV. Im sorry but Star Jones and Kathy Griffin are hella annoying and i dont even think they know who they are talking to. Very very annoying as fuck! However i saw Christina Milian wearing Versace looks hella fine. Then Joss Stone looks hella tall and shes hella fione also. Shoot. All about the British chicks with their accents. Of course Alicia Keys friggin is hella beautiful. When i saw her back at Jingle Ball, goodness!!! SHes looking hella good on the green carpet.
Starting off with Black Eye Peas with the hella tight song Lets get it Started. Man i remember seeing them last year and man they were hella tight, especially Fergie, shes wearing something a little not used to her usually short skirt.
Then it went right into to Gwen Stefani and Eve with Rich Girl. Reminds me of the American Music Awards with back to back performances, but its gonna be 5 back to back. Man, it would be hella hella tight if i was there. Jeeze. ANYWAYS!! They all up in the pirate attire which is pretty nice and stuff if you are into that.
Now back to Black Eye Peas, thats pretty friggin sweet.
Los Lonely Boys, from Texas. They do a pretty tight version of Hotel California in spanish. Stupid Star Jones didnt do no research at all and thought they were from California in Los Angeles. How racisit is that??? Mexicans from LA. HAHA.. anyways.. They perform there song Heaven. DUDE, the Staples Center looks soo fucking sweet.
Now, Maroon 5, they are hella gonna win so many awards. I CANT WAIT TO SEE THEM IN CONCERT!!! Performing This Love, the piano guy supporting a peace sign arm band of course aimed towards Bush of course. Adam Levine dawn the guitar and playued a solo with Will.I.Am singing versus of Lets Get it Started.
Last to perform, Franz Fernandad with Take me Out. Their sound is so damn great and so catchy!! I recommand their album if you dont have it already. The lead singer has funny hair and a weid hair cut.
All the groups all are playing together and it sounds like a huge mess, but man if you were there, it would friggin amp you up so so much. 5 groups singing their song. DUDE, its hella crazy!!
Now they are going throught the line up of people who are performing or presenting and man, some of the peopel there esepcially actors are hella random….

Queen Latifah is hosting which is kinda random, again. It should have been Dave Chapelle or something, make that shit funny or something. Oh well, Chris Rock will be hosting the Oscars and that shit will be hella hilarious.
Her opening is somewhat on par but whatever. Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez is going to have some sort of crazy performance. Im gonan be hella upset watch.
They showed a few categoies and winners when John Travola, Christina Milian, and Steven Tyler were up presenting. Best Pop Vocal Performance when to John Mayer. That hella sucks. big balls. Josh Groban, next time.. next time!! Los Lonely Boys won Best Pop Group/Duo. Big surprise, it should have been Maroon 5 or Hoobastank.
After the commericial, Alicia Keys is performing. She performs If i Aint Got You with something that looks like an orchestra. She brings out Jamie Foxx and Quincy Jones. Jamie Foxx performs Gerogia by Ray Charles. Alicia Keys puts so much emotions in her singing and you can see it, and thats hot. Wow they have the pianos up against each other and they shit was hella tight.
Nelly and Adam Sandler presents Male R&B performance. Adam Sandler always keeping it real and looking like a bum. Call my Name by Prince wins, wow.. I would think Usher woudl win it. This is soo setting the tone of certain awards. The flash by marquee goes by and Britney Spears won a Grammy for Toxic for Dance Recording. I wanted her to win that and she did. Right on!!
Bono and U2 performing with a glowing white background. That looks tight and gives a nice effect.
Rock Album, Green Day wins. Pharrell of course has to put out the Startrak. haha.. Here my pick won and stuff.
Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are perofmring together and singing Escapemos. People were friggin wondering what song they were singing, well if anyone picked up Marc Anthony’s latest album and they would know. Jeeze. ive had this album and heard this song grips of time, no surprise here. well maybe there might be, im waiting, but they are in a bedroom scene. The other duet they had, is a great song. About a relationship where the guy doesnt deserve the girl and does everything to try to break it up or ruin it and the girl tells the guy he is crazy. ZBut when the guy reliezes she is right, she is already convinced that he was right all along. Funny huh?? No Me Ames i think its called. Which i think translate to I Wont Love You or something. My spanish is hella rusty.
Well its 9 o clock, now im switching between Despearate Housewives and the Grammys. This is going to suck.
Best New Artist goes to Maroon 5.. Like it should. Kanye West, you can tell wanted this award, but yes Maroon 5. Man, im so damn tight with my predictions. HAHA..
Green Day is performing American Idiot. Hella tight son and its hella tight performance with teh fire and such. Most of the performing woudlnt get people up and dancing and at these the song makes it seem like people will do that.
Alicia Keys wins R&B album. Shes soo fione!!! Again another pick i pick wins.
Kanye with a great perofmrance. He and his pose, haha… he hella always poses that way and its tizate!! and he wins Best Rap Album. Gotta love what he said that is true. “Nothing in life is promised except death.” – Kanye West. Is that so true.. you are promised NOTHING and no one can promise you ANYTHING!
im sorry.. Boston Legal is on and yeah.. So hilarious!! Well im pretty much not watching more of the Grammys however, i gotta wait for the big awards that are left over….


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