Musicality: Grammy Awards 2005

Its done. I not going to worry about it anymore. what am i not worrying about? The fact that i should be at the Grammys covering it, enjoying it, talking to the likes of Usher, Kanye, Josh Groban, and sooo many other people. But whatever. Once the Grammys are over, ill be fine and will go next year. This time, i wont be waiting for someone to give me their damn drivers license number because i wanted them to go. FUCK THAT SHIET! anyways..
Ok, man i just tripped myself out. I thought Josh Groban and Beyonce was going to perform at the Grammys but its at friggin the Oscars. Speaking of Oscars. IM GOING TO MY FIRST OSCAR PARTY!! but ill talk about that in another post.
Now on to who i think is going to win the categories and what not.
Record of the Year
i have to go with Usher with Yeah. I mean what couldnt you not hear the beginning of last year? This friggin song, and also this song is what drove Confessions to hit i think over 2 million units in its first week or day or something??
Album of the Year
Now this Category is very very tough. We got Green Day, Alicia Keys, Usher, Kanye, Ray Charles. Kanye West should totally win this, but if he gets beat out it would be between Usher and Ray Charles. You just cant forget about Ray and his passing and theres the sentimental egde.
Ok, i just saw a commericial for the Grammys, and man i just have this bitter and resenting feeling. God, ok whatever. i will have at least 50 more Grammys…hopefully…
Song of the Year
I have to say The Reason by Hoobastank. This song was a great song and reminds me of certain things and people but that is besides the point. However i been here good stuff about Tim McGraw’s song for his daddy. The song Live like you Were Dying. So i would say its between Hoobastank and Tim McGraw. Alicia and Kanye are also nominated but i dont think they have a real chance in this category.
Best New Artist
* Los Lonely Boys
* Maroon5
* Joss Stone
* Kanye West
* Gretchen Wilson
Wow, this is going to be very very interesting. Let me start off with that i believe Maroon 5 will win but Kayne West is nose to nose with them. Los Lonely Boys, great sound and album but not to the caliber of the other artists. Maroon 5, incredible band and cant wait to see them in tour. I really want them to win. Joss Stone who went on tour with Maroon 5, love her voice but i wouldnt think she would win against the other artist. If some of the others werent, she would totally win. Kanye, not winning at the American Music Awards was bullshit, but as best artist he can win but he will get a better award to make up for this one. Gretchen Wilson, im sorry but shes annoying and sucks. At the American Music Awards, she robbed best new artist from Kanye. thats all i gotta say about that.
Best Female Pop Vocal Performance
Dont know too much about this category. I would go for Sheryl Crow. How its a very good category with Joss Stone, Bjork, Gwen, and Norah Jones. A category with hella good female vocals. So since i dont know much, im not going to say much anymore.
Best Male Pop Vocal Performance
IM SORRY BUT I HAVE TO SAY JOSH GROBAN!!! Im not going to lie, i am hella partial. Elvis Cestello, Prince, John Mayer and Seal are up again Josh. I would say John Mayer would be a maybe because the song is a nice song but the upset will be from Prince. I have a strong feeling Prince might take it away… sadly…
Best Pop Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocal
* My Immortal
* The Reason
* Heaven
Los Lonely Boys
* She Will Be Loved
* It’s My Life
No Doubt
I love all these tracks. Great great songs. I say its between Maroon 5 or Hoobastank. Its very very close. I say Maroon 5, but i wouldnt be surprised if Hoobastank might take it away.
Best Dance Recording
* Good Luck
Basement Jaxx Featuring Lisa Kekaula
* Get Yourself High
The Chemical Brothers Featuring K-OS
* Slow
Kylie Minogue
* Comfortably Numb
Scissor Sisters
* Toxic
Britney Spears
I would want Kylee or Britney to win but the Grammys association doesnt really like them to be honest. I heard of Scissor sisters but havent heard their music. So my pick would be Chemicals brothers.
Best Rock Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocal
* Monkey To Man
Elvis Costello & The Imposters
* Take Me Out
Franz Ferdinand
* American Idiot
Green Day
* Somebody Told Me
The Killers
* Vertigo
I would love to see Franz Ferdinand or the Killes but they wont win. Its going to be either U2 or Green Day. Green Day been getting great reviews with their album even though fans of the group from the beginning say this isnt their best. U2 with their damn iPod commericials, get the “old” people vote. However i would say its goign to be Green Day. This goes double with the Best Rock Song category.
Best Female R&B Vocal Performance
* I Want You
Janet Jackson
* If I Ain’t Got You
Alicia Keys
* I’m Still In Love
Teena Marie
* Whatever
Jill Scott
* U-Haul
Angie Stone
Alicia Keys all the way. Hands down. Janet is still getting shit from the Superbowl nipplegate thing. Alicia Keys will making great music.
Best Male R&B Vocal Performance
* Charlene
Anthony Hamilton
* Happy People
R. Kelly
* What We Do Here
Brian McKnight
* Call My Name
* Burn
Of course Usher. This is the friggin anthem of all them broken hearts and broken relationships.
Best R&B Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocals
* Lose Your Breath
Destiny’s Child
* Show Me The Way
Earth, Wind & Fire Featuring Raphael Saadiq
* Say Yes
* Diary
Alicia Keys Featuring Tony! Toni! Toné!
* My Boo
Usher & Alicia Keys
Usher and Alicia Keys all the way. However Destiny’s Child would take some votes away however, this duet with 2 superstars with the sound and everything. This will be Usher and Alicias definate 2nd Grammy of the night.
Best R&B Song
* Burn
* Call My Name
* My Boo
* Yeah!
* You Don’t Know My Name
WOW, Usher has 3 songs in here and Alicia has 2. Its going to be a toss up between Burn and My Boo. Yeah is in this category but i wouldnt say its much of a R&B song. Im going to have to go with Burn.
Best R&B Album
* My Everything
Anita Baker
* I Can’t Stop
Al Green
* The Diary Of Alicia Keys
Alicia Keys
* Musicology
* Beautifully Human: Words & Sounds Vol. 2
Jill Scott
Again Alicia Keys however, i think Prince has a good chance here too. But i would want Alicia Keys to win.
Best Contemporary R&B Album
* Afrodisiac
* Damita Jo
Janet Jackson
* It’s About Time
Christina Milian
* Confessions
* Hurt No More
Mario Winans
Brandy got nominated?? Jeeze. I would really want to see my girl Christina win this, however its has to go to Usher. No Doubt.
Best Rap Solo Performance
* On Fire
Lloyd Banks
* Just Lose It
* 99 Problems
* Overnight Celebrity
* Through The Wire
Kanye West
For this category, Jay Z should win, however it has to be a safer choice. So that leaves Twista and Kanye, and it has to go to Kanye.
Ok there are a lot more categories, about over 80 but im too lazy to comment on them. I touched base with the important ones. Ill talk about the winners and performances later on..
Theres always next year

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