Life: New Friggin Lunar Year!!

Wednesday February 9th, It changed to the year of the cock. I mean Rooster. Somebody keeps referring it to the year of the cock which is true however their inneudo is noted clearly. Did i celebrate any at all? Well i was at work most of the day, and someone at work got some like this rice thingy cake with meat thing from her nail doing person.
Of course, her nail person had to be vietnamese which us people, well like 90 percent of us do that shiet. Dont ask me why. Whats even funner is that i was wearing red for some reason today and like red is like the good luck color and such.
Oh another thing too, someone else at work was all like do like vietnamese chicks. I was like umm, ive never dated one before and yeah. Shes like these girls at my nail place, bla bla bla, they are funny and cute and blah blah. I didnt give it any thought and yeah.
So like yeah, Saturday. Went down to a family party thing. The thing is, the house it was at was the house i grew up when i was younger. When i was living in Kansas, i remember this house i was at when i traveled back and forth to California. I spent so many weekends here way back when with my cousins after church. It was totally weird. I dont know, so many years back some family drama went down and my grandparents werent living in the house anymore. i dont know, not a huge huge fan of the family thing but yeah. I house was wow, i remember the gargage we used to play around in, seems so dang small. Ehh i dont know but whatever. Had to make the appearance to appease my grandparents and uncles and aunts. Had some food and got my money.. heheeh.. in them little red envelopes. That was pretty much that.
Happy New Years to all who the statement is valid for. So does that mean my resolutions start again? At least i can start over with certain things.

About Anh Nguyen

Anh Nguyen is a Los Angeles based freelance photographer. Over the past six years, he has covered various concerts, movie premieres, red carpets, parties, and events. A southern California native, Anh attended UCLA and holds a Bachelor's degree in Philosophy and a minor in Accounting. In addition to photography, he is currently pursuing his license as a CPA and hopes to go law school. Adding to his many interests, Anh also loves to cook and has worked as a line cook for Food Network's celebrity chef Scott Conant's restaurant, Scarpetta, in Beverly Hills.