Week.End: January 30th – February 6th 2005

Its been a great week i would say. Lots and lots of stuff. One thing that was stressing me out wasnt so much stressing me out the whole week since i decided to take a break from someone. Granted i didnt want to and stuff, but i got my peace back and a sense of pressure lifted off me. However, certain points during the week i would have rather had all the pressure of world on me rather than not talking at all, but ill talk more about that in a bit, i cant do anything about it anyways because its her decision if she wants to or not.
Nothing too much at all that i can remember. It was just a really long day at work and thats pretty much all i recall. I started working on the website for work and i get way too distracted with things i have to do with my site and such.
Again with work. I called my friend dad to see what was his plan for Vegas, which he didnt really have one. Its kinda hard to talk about Vegas and what not especially when im suppose to be going with someone. Someone at the moment im not talking to. Which like totally sucks in one sense but its good in another. He called me back saying something about one day trip to Vegas and back. It seems more of a hassle than anything else. I mean the hotel isnt the biggest deal for me because i have an Uncle who lives there and has like 3 or 4 rooms just not being used by anyone. However, i cant decide what to do. I know i want to be there for the weekend, be over the weekend with my friend. However, we are not talking and i got the sense that she didnt care if i went or not. She was depending that her parents were going to go, and from the phone call i got. It was pretty much clear that they werent going to go. So, i wonder who she is going with now? I havent called her dad back just yet. Yeah, its almost been a week. I dont know what to do. I somewhat know what i wanna tell him, but then agian i dont want to say anything or plan any prematurely since there is pretty much no lines of communication to my friend. Who knows. I know i need to either call the dad and tell him i need sometime to figure something out or just tell him i aint talking to his daughter at the moment so i dont even know if she is even going to be going.
Earlier in the day, i was talking to Jovana. We’ve missed our monthly date two months in a row. I was busy and she had family things. However i got a hold of her and we started chatted and made plans for dinner next Wednesday. Shes leaving to El Salvador for a few weeks, so its good to she her before she goes. i was thinking about getting her flowers since she wont be here for Valentines and i dont think she has one or whatever. Anyways, we were talking and she asked me if i wanted to move out with her. Yes, for those who know me. You know exactly what i was thinking. For those who dont, heres what was in my thought bubble. “HELL YEAH!” Well we’ve talked about it before and such, nothing too serious. However she said she needs to move out because where she is is somewhat sucking at the moment. Im here for my friends, so she needs to move out and needs a roommate to split the cost of living, im there. I asked of course where to though and she said somewhere near her mom, and i understood that. I didnt care where i moved as long as i was near LA. Ok, im sure what you are thinking is, why do you need to move out Anh? You jsut moved into a huge ass house and blah blah.
To be honest, i really dont NEED to move out in the since of the work move. However, im 21 and i think its time. Nothing is pushing me out of my house realy. The only thing that is making me say is my 2 rooms i have and my bathroom, and a little of my super fast internet. Also, im going to be blowing 400 or more bucks on rent, that could be going towards my spring waredrobe. However the money thing is not a big deal. lets just say im getting paid a lot more now. 🙂 Anyways, then theres my job and school. School that is going nowhere, and job that could be going somewhere. Then again, i can call some favors in LA and get a job down there. I have a few months to think about it anyways. Shes going to be saving her dough and i will be too. I really am thinking about getting a car asap. Im at the moment saving for Vegas, but that might not even fly so im gonna have about 1500 saved up already. I know I know, weekend trip to Vegas, what will you be doing. Ill tell ya here, if it happens, ill tel you about the experience. If not, ill tell ya what i had planned. However, so far i put in 300 bucks already. Back to subject. It would be hella cool living with Jovana and if rent is too expensive we will be getting another roommate. Of course i put in the suggestion of another chick and Jo was totally cool with it. Only thing to say is that this could be a utterly total mistake or the best thing i never do?
Anyways after work. I went shopping at Ontario Mills and then had dinner at Kabuki. That was pretty exciting. It was a place me and Jovana sugessted we go to dinner next week but totally shot down that because me and her can never decide where to go. She said something about 50 percent off sushi. I was like heck yeah! So me and Mical had dinner there. Shes having her problems with her finace and to be honest, i didnt want to hear any of it. I have to deal with my relationship with someone. I couldnt dispense any advice to her at all, which usually never happens. Just had our dinner, we had all this friggin sushi and it only was 50 bucks. Gotta love that. Then agian, im not saving anymore that way.
Speaking of saving money. I was talking to Krystal. We were chatting, and she was looking for a job and such and this and that. I told her i needa chill back on my money spending and such, which i do. Then she went off to say things about my style and clothes. Somethign to the effect that i own 5 shirts that look the same because i can and like spending money on them. She made it out to sound like i was this ,i dont know. it was kinda funny.
Lastly, im starting to be scared of going out. Well only around here because im seeing all these people i knew. Michal was buying shoes at Shoetaria, and i toally reconize the chick who was working there. I couldnt think of the name but i remember having a few lunch dates with her when i was working at the mall. Then i had to think about it and she worked at BeBe. I hella recall her looking hotter and being taller. I dont know. There were so many other people and such and it was just kinda weird.

Work, love is fun. I make fun of the old people there and its hilarious. Its kinda mean, but i dont know. Im getting a little too comtable and its been about 4 months. Longest i had a job that was hourly. Anyways.. Had lunch with Melissa at Marie Calenders. One hour is never enough time to eat but we tried to do it. Having fast food all week sucks. I have no other choice because i go to lunch with her or other people and its the easiest thing to get. I really need my car back or another car so that i can go grocery shopping or at least get something healthy. Anyways. Marie Calendars, i hate those kind of resturants. Where the food isnt really cooked, and its just like a step above fast food.
I got paid today. My check was very nice. Why? first of all it was the first check this year with a full week of work. When i compared the last check and this. It was about a 50 percent increase. Only one damn day changed that. It was weird but got me relieved because it will be a lot easier to save up money for Vegas. I allow myself only 100 spending each week and the rest save.
Went to dinner again to Kabuki. This time with Michal and Justin. That was really cool. However i been fighting off whatever i had and my throat has been killing me. But i didnt think about it too much. Finally, i was wondering when it was going to happen. When it was going to hit me. What hit me you are thinking? I finally felt the distance from my friend. I missed her. Missed talking to her. Wonder how she is doing. My question was why, why now? I didnt really feel anything the other days. Maybe because today was the longest time we havent talked. Yeah i know its lame, but only a few days has passed and its the longest we havent talked. I dont know. I tried not to think about it much and i didnt. Just wonder when this break is going to be done. Im not the one that can decide that which kinda sucks. Its whenever she wants to end it even though i declared it. What makes me wodner is if she even cares or she is taking this time to deal with other things before we can get back on track. Who knows, but sometimes its kinda agonizing.
OH! Thea works at Kabuki. Shes been getting cute and such but we stopped talking. God, like really, theme of my life. But it was pretty cool. Sushi again was good. I got my favorite roll, which is unagi {eel} and avocado. Sometimes if they have it, unagi, avocado and tempura shrimp or something. Ok, then we went to California Pizza Kitchen for dessert. I wanted to go to get tea but i needed to let my hair loose they would say and got the hot fudge brownie and that shit was hella hella bomb.
I totally saw Jon Adams there. I talked to him a few days ago. It was a long time since we did and he said he was in the Navy stationed in Diego. I kepted on looking and i swear it was him, but i didnt say anything because they were hella far. I still kinda wonder if that was him or not though.
I soo dont remember anything today. Im sure it was filled with work, home, and watching The OC
Again just work, making fun of the old people. The company website and mine. Went home. Didnt do anything because i was tired and i didnt feel like calling anyone. however around 1ish, i hit up my friend and see if she wanted to go get some Korean Tofu in Rolling Heights. She was down and i got ready. Headed over there. Had some Soon Tofu which is hella good. What was funny is that you get like Kim Chi and all this other stuff before your main dish comes out. Usually i jsut wait and eat the stuff with the main dish. However me and Linda finally asked each other when the heck we are suppose eat this. I sure didnt know, but my friend’s mom is Korean, so maybe i can ask her. I dont have any Korean friends, well full Korean. So i cant ask them and then i cant asked the half one either. Jeeze.. next subject. Got home around 3 and was soo pooped.
Had a dentist appointment which was until 3ish. So i just did the cleaning thing all day. Had some workers over putting the crown molding. Got ready around 2ish and headed off to The OC. Got my teeth clean. Man i love getting it cleaned. All my lazyness is erased. However Christine who is my dentist did say my teeth this time are a lot worse than before. I dont know, i try to floss everyday, but then again the head on my toothbrush is used up and i need to get another. For the first time though, ,i said fuck it and didnt make an excuse. I was like i didnt floss as much as i should have and i have no excuse. What was kinda weird, i couldnt breathe this cleaning, it hasnt really happen before. I think my sinus are clogged up. That was pretty much my exciting time in The OC. Got some stuff outta my car and headed home.
Got home around 730 and Orlando called me up before i got there and he picked me up to head off to Andrew’s surprise party Monica was throwing for him. Got there not many people were there, but hung with Erika, Liz and Matt. Talk about taking it back to high school. This was my very first party since high school with like high school people. I mean i thrown/gone to parties but it was with my other friends who werent in my high school. It wasnt like the party i somewhat threw with Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite. HAHAA.. Anyways, pretty much drinking and such. Liz, man did we have a minor thing in high school. He was a little cutie because of her eyes and smile. Totally forgot she was in dance. Then i remember that the girls in dance was asking me to join and shit. Good times.
More people showed up, Nina, Christina, Berniez. Man it was pretty cool, i had a few drinks. The music was popping here and there and busted out the 90s dance hits. Man, we were all like i was in 3rd grade when this song came out. haha. I swear, it has happened to me a few times, but when they play friggin Madonna’s Like a Virgin, the girls hella get crazy and its just a song that is just funny to hear but to dance to its equally humorous.
Danced some, talked some. It was fun. Orlando was trying to get at Liz which was cool. Me and Bernice kinda caught up. Man i knew her for years, and she totally got hot in high school. Got her number, so we can hang out some. I dont know if i will call her or not. I dont know. But do i love the dancing. People got drunk, i was pretty sober, i mean i wanted to get buzzed or something but we were gonna go to the Yard House after and drink there.
Then Bev showed up, i was like are you kidding me but i was not surprised. We were cool in middle school. She wanted me to date her friend, which was a no go. High School, we talked a little and she wanted to get with me from what i heard but didnt even go there. Stopped talking a little, then when me and Claire got cool and i was being her wingman. Bev and me talked again and were cool, but i stopped it because she was a hypocrite on things and that totally turned me off and when me and Claire stopped talking. Claire and Bev were still cool, so i pretty much cut it out with both of them. I think it was known i didnt like her and she didnt like me back.
I avoided her at all friggin cost. But stupid Lugo, who didnt know anyone in High School. haha jk he did, but he didnt know everyone like i did. Anyways, he went up to her and started talking and Bev knew he was my homie. I dont know how, but it totally brought me back to high school, where everyone knew my business, and was always up in it. I guess the conversation went this and that, and Orlando said something about yeah you know Anh right and she said yeah and i caught a look she gave and he was like Anh knows everyone here and she was like yeah. I swore she was gonna make a comment but it was whatevers. I just went back to dancing.
Speaking of dancing. I went inside and didnt meet Andrew’s mom yet. Granted i havent talked to Andrew in ages and i would think he would have forgot me or something. I mean we did have some crazy hackie sack sessions in high school. His was mom was like whos this, is this your friend Andrew. I was freaked out, i would have think he would be like i dont know who the hell this guy is, haha. He was like this is my buddy Anh. She was like im Andrew’s mom. i said nice to meet you, and she was all like I saw you were dancing out there, that was some good stuff. I was like uhh i try. She was like no, you are a good dancer. Then i said thanks and walked away. I could have been the cleaver witty Anh and said give me a few more drinks and ill be a way better dancer or the charming Anh and said, why dont you honor me with a dance. HAHA.. i know what i said, but i just walked away. Like really, i think parents love me. Anyone disagree?? I wanna know. I need to get off the parent ego trip and someone tell me their parents dont like me.
The night was pretty much over around 1130ish. For some reason there was a fight between two chicks and i was like what the heck. Everywhere I go with my homies, theres a fight we see or are involved with. Anyways, so we headed off to the Yard House. Of course i drove since i was pretty much the sober one and Orland and Marc were buzzing. We got there around 1230 and it was friggin crackin! Lots of people and such, the typical bar scene with the guys trying to get at the girls and such.
Had a drink and made a couple laps around the place. Started talking to some people. Dude this one girl we were talking to was like 6 7 or something. She was friggin tall as hell and her friend. Man she looked like she was 30. HAHA. I got complimented on my style, the clothes and glasses. I was trying something somewhat new, but i havent been out out the way i usually dress in a long time and it was hella nice. Im not going to lie, i love it when people compliment me on my style, i work hard on it, work hard to make it somewhat unique and its nice to get reconnigation for it.
Again, is it me? is it me and my friends? But we were checking out this chick who was pretty cute and the dude she was with finishes his beer and walks over to the table we were sitting at and put his glass down all hard and shit. Hella mean muggin, we were like what the fuck. I was gonna say something or throw his glass at his feet. I didnt have enough to drink and im trying this new thing of not starting shit, keeping the anger level down, and just being the passive guy i usually am. So we just finished our drinks, i had a mohito!! first one and it was decent, but i was prett much liquerd out and we all left at 2.
Dropped off Marc and headed off to Dennys with Orlando. Ok we got there, and there was someone who got dropped off in a green jacket. Then Orlando was all like dropped me off here, ill get a table. I soo knew what he was doing. I thought it was Liz, and he wanted to go chat with her. He was pretty much talking to her all night and danced with her and i know he was feeling her. I dont blame him, i did back in the day and i could again.
Parked the car and walked in and then i noticed it wasnt Liz. It was friggin Cynthia. Dude, talk about ackward! She was pretty much Orlando ex and such. We all hung out a lot but she kinda turned me off with her brash personality and bluntness. However she is a very good looking chick. Good lips, wore glasses and really pretty eyes. And another thing she has going, first of all i do censor certain things from my site and others i dont. Just some FYI. Cynthia has pretty huge knockers with a small frame. Anyways, We all caught up with each other. What made me laugh is that she was greening green jacket with yellow and Orlando was wearing a green shirt with a yellow undershirt. I was like this is so funny, they were meant for each other. She couldnt stopped saying Good Times and this and that and bla bla bla. I couldnt stop staring at her eyes, but i did because i was tired and my contacts were hella killing. I felt the tension between them and it was very funny to watch. Then she said something like i have a bone to pick with you to Orlando. HAHA. Nice!! Last we heard about her is that she had a baby with someone. I always tease Orlando saying that he could have been his. Who knows, i really wanted her and Melanie who she was with to leave. Orlando kept trying to have them stay. Really really funny. Hes going to call her and see what the bone is and i really want to hear it.
After they left, i went back into the mood i was on Wednesday, but minorly. I was wondering how she was doing and wondering if shes ok. She it would be soo much better if she just would say either fuck off or just say she doesnt care anymore. It would be totally great! Anyways, headed home around 3 and passed out. Another weekend bites the dust.
Didnt do shit all day. Watched Supersize me and the Notebook. Ill have a review on Supersize me soon. Watched the Super bowl and thats about it. I had the chance to go to the Beverly Center but i didnt get the call until 4 ish. Oh well, it would have been nice, but its all good.
My life is getting back on track but do i really want that if i dont have my closest friend with me?

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