Cinema: The Notebook.

This movie is featured in my featured part of my site. I been waiting to get my hands on this movie for the longest time. It looked like great movie in the Summer of 2004. However i didnt want to check it out without rolling with a chick. That summer i was way too busy to do anything.
Now, i have this movie with me and the DVD is coming out on the 8th. Rachel McAdams stars in this movie. You may remember her in Mean Girls as the head mean queen Regina. However in this movie, you see her softer side and even her acting chops.
The movie seem to jump into the main story rather abruptly. I came into thinking this movie was mainly about Noah and Allie, granted which it is. However there is a underlying story that i did not catch on until quarter into the movie. I dont want to ruin the movie for you, but when you get to that part where you relieze what was going on in the story. You cant help to take a step back and feel sad. Enough about this.
Again that went abruptly, is the relationship between Allie and Noah. They seem to fall in love with each other very quickly. Which kind of takes away from reality for a second. Then again, im sure it happens to some of us.
One part that i found rather odd. Maybe it was just me. The scene where they were going to make love for the first time as it seems. Allie, Rachel McAdams askes Ryan Gosling what he is thinking. If ever someone asked me that especially in that circumstance. I would so be turned off and fall right asleep. However then again, its somethign valid. If i loved someone like that, then i would be concerned. I dont know, a moment that seems usually to be so raw in other movies turned out to be a very sweet moment.
I think i have figured out the recipe of a love story. Boy meets girl. Girl falls for boy. Boy and Girl love each other. Boy and Girl have perfect experiences. Boy is not good enough for girl. Girl parents hate Boy. Boy and Girl break up. Girl falls for another Boy. Boy and Girl find each other again. Boy and Girl live happy. End Story.
Summer love or fun, whatever you wanna call it. Thats a nice thing, but onces it is over. You can get it back. Sucks. Anyways! I talk any more about this movie without ruin it for you. Most of you may not agree to my taste in movies. However, i do like this movie a lot. I am watching it for the second time as we speak. Its a great story of love, lost, and true love. I would recommand then movie if you like tear jerkers or have a special girl who likes tear jerkers.
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