Whorin: Grammy Awards 2005.

Man o man, im just a little pissed. Why? Back in December i was trying to apply for some press access to this years Grammy Awards on February 13th. I didnt finish my application because i was being nice and putting someelse else first and tried to get a simple information tidbit from my friend. However she just lagged it and man. I didnt care that i didnt get my passes. Heres what they told me.

Credential Request Decline Letter
The Recording Academy® regrets that we are unable to accommodate your media request to cover the 47th Annual GRAMMY® Awards on February 13 in Los Angeles.
Due to extremely limited space within the Media Center, we were able to only credential a small fraction of the hundreds of media outlets that applied.

So i was thinking to myself, oh they didnt have space. But i was thinking to myself and i was like i didnt even finish my application. So i go and email them and see what they say…

Unfortunately the deadline to request credentials was January 30th. For future reference a credential application is posted every year immediately following the nominations press conference.

I WAS FURIOUS!!! The only reason why i am not attending because i was waiting for someone, because i wanted her to go. GOD, this wasnt the only time. JoJo Jam, my friend who was performing got pissed off at me. He pull strings to get me backstage access. However i was late to it because i was waiting for someone. This occurance wasnt her fault, but just made me remember it when i got that letter from the Grammy people. Whatever, maybe next year. I am still trying to attend either as a guest or press member. I have to see whats up with some people and stuff..
Was putting you first worth it in the end?


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