Whorin: Fun fun at the Museum of Television and Radio.

Ive been going to the Museum of Television and Radio in Beverly Hills since my freshman year in college after i was introduced to it in my Television Broadcasting class. I got into it more when i hear about the William S. Paley Television Festival. Last year i went to The OC and Smallville one. However for the Smallville one, i should have gotten press access to it, but there was some miscommunication with the Museum’s publicist. Showed up and it was a whole mess, and i was kinda mad because thats my friggin show and shit. However it was all good because i went shopping afterwards and it was all better. HAHA.
Anyways, i contacted the publicist again this year when i heard about Gilmore Girls having a seminar for their 100th episode. Gilmore Girls is a tight show and i wanted to go and check it out and the Paley festival was coming up again and i was like ok why not.
Heres what the publicist sent me, Terry Smith:
January 20th:

I have one press ticket available for you for The Gilmore Girls 100th. And let me know which nights are you interested in for Paley…

I was like, right on. I finally get to talk to Lauren Graham and chatter with Scott Peterson again. Yippee skippy. However its only one press ticket and i tried to get a friend to go with me and purchase a ticket. So i might be doing this solo, which is good practice. I need to stop depending on other people because im usually disappointed, plus i always meet people there anyways.
Heres another email from Terry about the Paley Festival.
February 2:

At this time, I can comp one press ticket for Jack & Bobby and Boston Legal and have you on the standby list for Desperate Housewives and Lost.

Right one again! Boston Legal is such a tight ass show. James Spader is one of the best actors on a television series right now, Emmy winning and all. Jack and Bobby is also a good show, not following too much, nonetheless a great drama. NOW! Desperate Housewives, a good looking cast, funny show and very very interesting. Breakout hit of the season, along with Lost. One show i wanna get into, but havent seen an episode just yet. I need to do my research before i go and interview the cast. Or i can just bullshit it.
I will have pictures, reviews of the event, and if i have time and write an article. I will post it up here for ya to check out.
For the full list of shows and to purchase tickets. Go to William S. Paley Festival 2005. Tickets go on sale to members of the Museum tomorrow at 9:00 at Ticketweb.com For the General public is on February 11th.
I am telling you right now from my last experience last year. The popular shows will be sold out before it gets to the general public. My advice? Go on eBay. I can promise you the cost will be the same but if you are a huge fan, of the shows. It is a great experience to hear about the show and see the whole cast together in an intimate, fun, and exciting setting. I will most likely have a few tickets on eBay for bidding.
The second and third week of March is goin to be BUSY!

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