Tube: The Apprentice – Trouble is Brewing

Going into this week. Watching the previews and what not, it looks like someone is goin to quit. Last week when they were doin the renovations of the hotels and what not. Verna couldnt handle it and bitched bitched and bitched. I am predicting right now that she is the one that is going to “quit” Its 9:01 and we shall see…
Ok, its 9:03 and she is still bitching and moaning. Give me a fuckin break. However, Danny is a nice guy and backing her up and what not, but im not too sure about her anyways.
Thinking about it now, she could be playing this game. Get some sympathy, she how she can do, and just not get fired.
Creating marketing campaign with 75000 for Nefcafe Taster’s Choice… Sounds fun! I wanna handle that much money doing something. Oh wait.. I already kinda do. HAHA!
Danny is Magnacorp’s project manager. Mike with the European idea, and no one liked it. I would say its a decent idea.
Net Worth is going with the All American Theme. Angie is their project manager. Shes a little crazy and gonna be way way bitchy. Right off the bat, i think Net Worth is gonna bite it. Well acutally both team is gonna have trouble in each. I mean the episode name is Trouble is Brewing. Which plays on some words.
Sidenote, Stephanie on Magnacorp is fione!! YUM YUM!
iPod idea is hella tight for Magnacorp! I friggin got 2 iPods when i was in NYC because i always wanted to and dude like everyone did have an iPod. I love NYC life, walking everywhere, enjoying a drink, the people.. I miss NYC!!!!!
At first i thought Net Corp idea kinda sucked. But it looked hella fun, and looked hella nice. I take it back. Man, 10gs, that would be hella nice.
WAIT WAIT!! Theres a black guy on the show?? Dude, havent really noticed him at all. Just caught a glimpse of him at the line up to see who will win.
9:31, i agree is the decision. It was a great great idea! Loved it.
Award of the task. 12 seater helicopter. Around Manhattan. I am going to do that one day, that and Vegas and Mani. Love it!!
9:39. looks like Magnacorp is going to try to see if they can have Donald Trump overturn Mikes exemption. Which is dearly needed because he was an ass the whole task. But to be fair, it shouldnt has happen.
Danny, Stephanie, and Mike are in the boardroom. Useless blabble. Mike shouldnt be in there. Well i mean he should but theres friggin rules and such.
I dont know what else happened. I switched over to Ashlee Show because i missed it and such.. so yeah? Next week? someone tell me whats up.
Starbucks anyone??


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