Whorin: Miss Ashlee Simpson.

Ashlee Simpson, what can you say about her. She is a pretty chick who lip syncs? Well at the time it happened it was funny, but here more about what was the deal and catching the premiere of the second season of her show. I do believe her and all that stuff. I mean Britney Spears does it all the time, and she hasnt got as much heat as Ashlee has.
Anyways, so she is finally goin on tour which i dont think is a good idea since her voice started goin out when her ablum finished. The strain of being on the road and singing night after night will kill her voice. Dont know how shes goin to do, but good thing her second concert is in Los Angeles, so at least i will hopefully see her best somewhat.
So i decided to contact her publicist, because i want to check her out and maybe get some hook ups to chatter with her some. I had her publicist info from Jingle Ball and i thought i use it. My friend is friends with her and Jessica, but i dont need to be dropping names and shit. So i contact her publicist and heres what i got in response. First thing, this isnt her publicist that contacted me. Must be her East Coast rep or whatever. Not too sure.

Thank you for your recent request to interview Ashlee Simpson.
Unfortunately, due to an already oversubscribed schedule she is
unavailable for an interview at this time. Should anything change, I
will be sure to contact you.
Thanks again.

I mean, thats nice Cheryl. You will contact me to talk and interview her. I didnt want to interview in her in the first place. However that would be cool i guess? I just want some tickets to check her out and some press perks at the concert. My friend sister birthday is coming up and maybe i can get her to meet her or something. Who the heck knows.. I emailed back wondering about the concert and tickets and hopefully it is doable and stuff. If not, i guess im not goin to see her this time. Already kinda seen her twice and yeah.. who knows.. ill keep ya posted..
You wanna Lala?

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